Patio Covers

Get a Patio Cover to Expand Your Outdoor Living Space

If you have a patio on your home, you may not use it very often because it’s exposed to rain and the sun’s excessive heat. No matter how nice your patio may be, if you don’t use it, it doesn’t do you much good.

Start enjoying more outdoor time on your patio with a patio cover installed over it. It will allow you to enjoy an outdoor meal, watch the kids playing in the yard or pool, or simply relax, all underneath a shaded ceiling. No more sunburn, ruined meals, or leaves falling on your furniture.

Benefits of Patio Covers

When you have a patio cover installed on your home, you will find that you will enjoy your time outdoors even more than ever before. This is because patio covers have many benefits to offer, such as:

  • Weather resistance – Without a covering, rain, or even a light drizzle, can force the party inside. Patio covers are rain-resistant so you can enjoy being outside – rain or shine.
  • UV protection – We all love the sun, but exposure to its rays can be dangerous. Protect your skin with a patio cover.
  • Insulation against heat– Insulated patio covers can deflect some of the heat, making your time outside more comfortable.
  • Shade– Avoid the glare of the sun and keep the surface of your patio much cooler with a patio cover that offers plentiful shade.
  • Beauty – Patio covers are very attractive and are available in a variety of colors, styles, and designs.
  • Versatility – It’s easy to convert a patio cover into a fully screened enclosure

Choose the Right Patio Cover

Whatever your reason for adding a patio cover, choosing the right construction system is the first step. Although some individuals may rely on temporary tent structures or awnings to shield them from the sun on their patios, these are not a good long-term investment. It’s easy for these flimsy structures to become tousled, ripped or even completely blown away by heavy winds, hail, or rain. They will also easily fade from sun exposure after a short while.

A more viable solution would be to invest in a strong, durable patio cover that is constructed of high-quality materials made to last for many years. This type of permanent structure will serve you well for a long time. They will protect your patio from sun and rain so you can use it more often.

Why Choose Raintight for Your Permanent Patio Cover?

RainTight’s systems are all made of aluminum, which is more durable, easy to clean and require less maintenance than other materials. Our patio covers and enclosures install quickly and can be easily converted to a full patio enclosure later, if desired. We offer both insulated and non-insulated aluminum covers designed to suit your budget.

RainTight  patio covers are attractive. Their continuous textured surface is available in stucco or cedar embossed finishes. These enamel finishes are baked into the metal surface, making them virtually maintenance-free. RainTight patio covers are durable and engineered to last. Best of all, most units can be installed in just one day.

In addition to our Standard Style patio covers, we offer Midwestern Style and Santa Fe Style patio covers. You’re sure to find a color and style that complements your décor.

It’s easy to see why so many homeowners choose to install patio covers on their home. Don’t wait any longer to find out for yourself how a quality patio cover can enhance your time outdoors. Call RainTight today to get started!