March 29

10 Reasons to Install a Permanent Patio Cover


Do you want to put your patio to good use?

Installing a permanent cover not only makes your patio more accessible to the family. This setup can also help save you money over time. Plus, you'll be able to extend your home's floor area to accommodate family activities.

More and more Americans are turning their attention to improving their outdoor space. Most agree that improvements in style, function, and comfort are top priorities.

A patio cover can help you achieve all these in one go.

Benefits of a Covered Patio

permanent patio cover

Are you still on the fence about making this home improvement? Here are ten benefits you'll get when you install a permanent cover for your patio.

1. Increases Home Value

A covered patio not only looks good, but it also makes a good investment. If you plan to sell your home in the future, your improved patio design will help it sell at a higher cost.

Since the patio does not have direct exposure to sunlight, it does not degrade fast. Buyers will not be deducting patio repairs from your home's sale value.

This home improvement can also help reduce the time it takes to sell your house. Potential buyers will tend to choose a home that comes with a covered patio because of the host of benefits it offers.

2. Saves Money on Deck Repairs

The average cost of deck repair is usually around $1,800. However, it can go up to $5,000 if it has severe damages. A patio cover can help mitigate the cost of repair.

The protection a deck or patio cover offers makes it more than worth the installation cost. It allows you to save more money on costly repairs.

The money you save even extends to the outdoor furniture on your patio. The covering protects the deck and all fittings on it from the sun and rain.

3. Reduces Your Energy Bills

Aside from protection from the sun, a covered patio also reduces electric bills. The heat from the sun can extend indoors, especially for homes with large glass doors or windows. As a result, your air conditioning will have to work harder to cool your home.

A covered patio deflects a good amount of heat without compromising the view outside. It also gives you an option to turn off the AC in your room and spend some time under the patio shade instead.

4. Reduces Solar Damage to You and Your Property

Exposing furniture to direct sunlight makes it susceptible to damage. An outdoor chair may be able to endure the sun, but it'll be uncomfortable to sit on. 

Other furnishings like certain types of hardwood floors and leather items won't fare well against prolonged exposure to the sun, though. Their colors will fade and cracks will appear along their surface.

With patio covers deflecting the sun's rays, your furniture will look great for years. Once again, you save money from having to replace them earlier. It's also a great way to help protect yourself from harmful UV rays

5. Provides an Outdoor Entertainment Area

Don't limit yourself to entertaining extended family and friends inside the home only. You can enjoy the breeze when on a covered patio. It also doubles as an extra area to accommodate your guests.

You can even make evenings more fun with a covered patio. You can install lights that hang from the roof and create a beautiful ambiance.

6. Provides Additional Shade

A permanent cover can make your patio up to 10 degrees cooler, which makes summer barbecues more fun. It also allows you to enjoy your outdoor living space without having to squint all the time.

You can even choose to add an overhead fan to make it more comfortable. The refreshing top-down currents from the fan can make your shaded patio cooler. 

7. Extends Your Living Space

You can turn your covered patio into an extension of your living room, family room, or kitchen.

Since there's protection from the elements, you can also use indoor furniture. A TV, MP3 player, or even gaming consoles are some of the appliances you can set up on your covered patio.

A comfortable sofa, some chairs, and a coffee table on the patio are very inviting. It makes your patio an ideal family gathering spot in the summer. Your kids will be more likely to stay on your covered patio and do their homework there. 

A covered patio can also accommodate an outdoor kitchen. You can choose from a simple built-in barbecue grill to a wood-fired pizza oven and cocktail bar. As a bonus, an outdoor kitchen can also increase the value of your home.

Depending on your patio's size, you can make it an outdoor living room, kitchen, or both. The opportunity to spend more time outside is not only fun but offers a lot of health benefits too. Positive effects can range from lifting your mood to lowering your blood pressure.

8. A Great Way to Include Nature 

If naturally grown trees or bushes surround your property, it's best to take advantage of their presence. Having a patio cover installed allows you and your guests to admire and enjoy nature in the comfort of your home. Covered patios do well as areas of transition for nature and your home life. 

9. Keeps Things Dry

A patio cover can help you stay on top of the weather's fickleness. Aside from protection from the sun, a cover also offers a good defense against rain, snow, and ice.

Even if a sudden downpour happens, you can still have your well-planned get-together. You and your guests can enjoy your patio party, rain or shine. 

10. Offers Additional Privacy

One flaw that patios have is that they are usually exposed to prying eyes. By having a patio cover installed, you can give yourself some much-needed privacy. 

The privacy a patio cover provides may only apply to people staring down from above (or from private drones flying around). However, you can add hanging planter boxes or plant ground shrubs for additional privacy. 

Improve Your Outdoor Living Space with a Patio Cover

The many benefits that a patio cover offers give you more than enough reasons to have one installed. It's an excellent investment that pays for itself over time.

Ready to start improving your patio? Contact us to get a free quote today.


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