October 13

6 Reasons to Add a Kitchen to Your Outdoor Space


outdoor kitchen

Transforming the area under your deck is a great way to maximize living space in your backyard. You're increasing your outdoor space. so why not take advantage of it. From storage to entertaining, the possibilities are endless. Another popular idea is to add an outdoor kitchen.

Outdoor kitchen areas have evolved far past a grill on the deck. Some outdoor kitchens now include mini-fridges, cabinets, and counter space. With all of these new additions, it’ll need its own space. There’s no better place than in your underdeck space.

Benefits of an Underdeck Kitchen

Homeowners enjoy cooking outdoors in their backyard. Whether it's a compact outdoor grill station or a fully equipped mini kitchen, you can have an outdoor kitchen that is functional and stylish. Creating a place to cook outdoors could be a good investment to make. Here are a few benefits of having an outdoor kitchen:

1. Entertain Family and Friends

An outdoor kitchen is a perfect space for entertaining. Guests can gather around the kitchen while the food and drinks are being prepared. There’s more space to branch out than in an indoor kitchen. You can increase the comfort for your guests by adding outdoor furnishings, lighting, and good music.

2. Increase the Value of Your Home

Homeowners earn a high rate of return on their financial investment of adding an outdoor kitchen. If you ever decide to sell your home, your outdoor cooking space will be a sought-after selling feature. Even if you don’t plan on selling in the near future, installing a functional outdoor kitchen is an investment you can use and enjoy for many years to come.

3. Save on Utility Bills

When you’re grilling outside during the warmer weather, your air conditioner won’t have to work overtime to keep your house cool. When you bake, fry, or broil foods indoors, the temperature in your house elevates several degrees, which makes the air conditioner work overtime. When you cook outdoors you will save on energy consumption.

4. Keeps Smells Outside

Some foods smell delicious while they’re cooking, while others are less desirable. When you cook foods with a poignant odor, those aromas can linger for days indoors. When you prepare the same menu items outside, the inside of your home will stay fresh and odor-free.  

5. Expands Your Living Space

With under decking, you can create a covered area without the hassle of rain and the elements ruining your outdoor gatherings. This outdoor space is all set to bring in appliances and have the outdoor kitchen of your dreams.  You can choose the materials, features, and decor to create a comfortable outdoor space.  Dinner with family or friends is more enjoyable when you’re outside In your outdoor cooking area. 

6.  Reduces Cleanup

Eating outdoors is usually more informal than when you set the table inside. Often, paper goods are used instead of regular dishes, so there’s less dishwashing involved. Spills aren’t as disastrous on concrete as they are on your carpet or hardwood floors. You can enjoy a casual meal with less effort on cleaning up after.

Outdoor Kitchen Design Considerations

Now that you have good reasons for adding an outdoor kitchen to your home, you’ll need to make a few plans to get started. Like any outdoor building project, you will need to think about:

  • Budget
  • Size of space
  • Location
  • Materials
  • How often you'll use it
  • Equipment and appliances: grills, stove burners, refrigerators
  • Type and availability of fuel: gas or electric
  • Codes and regulations
  • Maintenance
  • Climate (Some appliances need to be protected from harsh climates and extremes in temperature.)
  • Lighting
bbq grill

Most of today’s BBQ grills and other patio appliances are made from stainless steel, which makes them able to handle the changing temperatures with the seasons. Stainless steel is also desirable because it is easy to clean. Other considerations include:

Countertops: How much preparation space will you need in your outdoor kitchen?  Make sure you select a material that can withstand weather changes.

Sink: Having a sink with running water is essential to convenient meal preparation. Install yours near your prep station for ease in clean up and adding liquid to recipes.

Let’s Get the Party Started

If you’re ready to enjoy the outdoors more, consider creating an outdoor space using underdecking.  At RainTight, we specialize in giving homeowners extra livable outdoor space. Whether you want to use it for an outdoor kitchen or event area, the choice is yours. Contact us today for a consultation.


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