April 26

6 Great Uses for Your Covered Patio


Having an outdoor space that you can enjoy for most of the year is perfect for families who enjoy entertaining. Covered patios create a space that is sheltered from the elements. You have the opportunity to change it into whatever space you need it to be, whether it’s your relaxation spot, playroom, or outdoor eating area.

Whatever you do for enjoyment or relaxation indoors can be done in an outdoor living space, from games to watching TV to grilling and dining. Homeowners will benefit greatly by adding a covered patio to their home that can be used for these things.

Enjoying the Outdoors

covered patio

There are a variety of activities that can take place on your covered patio. Some believe that the end of summer means the end of enjoying the outdoors. Not with a covered patio. You can enjoy time with friends and family for more than one season. There are many ways to use your covered patio throughout the year.

1. Host Parties

With some creative decorating, you can convert your covered patio into party central. Whether it’s a summer barbeque or a Halloween party, your covered patio is the perfect place to have guests. For fall weather, you can make the transition between inside and outside seamless by adding warmth via fire pits, blankets, and hot beverages. Make sure the lighting is festive and safe.

Depending on where you live, decorate a small Christmas tree with simple, non-breakable ornaments. You can provide blankets and add holiday pillows to extend the party outside.

2. Watch the Big Game

Covered patios allow you to make this outdoor space your own. If you want to set up a large flatscreen TV to watch your favorite sports team, it’s the perfect location. Mix in some warm food and drinks and invite a few friends over to watch your favorite football team. If you’re not into sports, consider watching your favorite movie or tv show.

3. Dining Area 

You can add an outdoor kitchen to your covered patio for casual dinners with the family or a special celebration such as a wedding anniversary. They say that food tastes better if it's been grilled, and that goes for any season. A covered patio is a perfect spot to grill your favorite meats and vegetables. Add some good lighting and good music to aid in the ambiance.

4. Relaxation

Some people go out on their patio to have a cup of coffee in the morning or to read a book. However you like to relax and unwind, a covered patio is a perfect place to do it.  There’s no need to put on sunscreen or sunglasses with the permanent cover providing full shade. You also won’t get rained on!

Some homeowners go a step further and add a hot tub to turn their covered patio into a spa. They make you feel nice, warm, and relaxed. Whether it's a solo soak or an impromptu party with some friends, a hot tub is always inviting and soothing.

Make your covered patio more comfy by adding some of the extras you enjoy indoors: pillows, throws, and blankets. These items can be shared with a spouse or friend while you enjoy gazing at the stars or enjoying a beverage.

5. Playroom for the Kids

Need a space to keep the kids busy or have their friends over without running around the house? Turn your covered patio into a playroom. Toys, video games, board games and card games can be used to keep them busy. To keep your patio clean and organized, use storage to keep all items tucked away when not in use.

6. Gardening

Grow seasonal flowers, herbs, and vegetables in containers on your covered patio. Having your garden will make you want to spend more time outdoors. You can choose to have a vertical garden or stick with traditional pots. You can eat what you grow on your patio. You can also just add some greenery with hanging planters or use old buckets to grow some flowers.

Expand Your Outdoor Living Space

A covered patio is one of the most popular backyard shade structures. If you want to expand your outdoor living space, RainTight has several options for you, like underdecking, enclosed screen rooms, and patio covers that provide shade and enjoyment.

RainTight uses only high-quality aluminum in our structures. That’s because aluminum is lightweight, durable, won’t rust, and can withstand severe weather. Very little maintenance is required to keep your structure looking clean and beautiful for decades.

We are locally owned and operated with an unwavering commitment to giving our customers high-quality outdoor enclosures and superb customer service. Contact us today for a free consultation to get started enjoying the outdoors.


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