Underdecking Solutions Overview

Why Get an Under Deck Ceiling?

Have you ever had to pull the family gathering inside due to rain? Would you like an additional comfortable space for the kids to play outside? Do you need additional outdoor storage space that’s protected from the rain? If you answered yes to any of these questions, then it’s time to get an under deck ceiling and transform that wasted unused inefficient space into an outdoor space that can be used for storage, entertainment, or just a place to unwind.

RainTight’s under deck system is the perfect addition to your home. RainTight underdecking systems provide a low profile, streamlined finish to create a ceiling below the joists of your deck. The panels and gutters we use for our underdecking are all seamless, smooth-finished aluminum that is virtually maintenance free and lasts a lifetime.

Custom-Made Underdecking Specific to Your Needs

We use no pre-fabricated parts in our under deck ceilings. We custom make each one specifically to the home and its specifications. This ensures that our under deck ceiling fits perfectly and will completely shield all of the water from the deck above it. We manufacture each underdecking system in-house; no outside suppliers are used. This allows us to carefully oversee the production and ensure quality is built in throughout. The result is a high-quality product that saves our customers time and money.

Our professionals at RainTight are dedicated to giving each and every customer the ultimate underdeck ceiling system to fit their needs. Whether you want a dry, clean space to relax after a long day at work, you want to turn an unused area into that outdoor kitchen you have always been dreaming of, or if you just need additional storage space – RainTight can provide you with an underdecking system to exceed your expectations.

Aluminum -vs- Vinyl/Steel

Is Aluminum that much better than vinyl or steel? The answer is yes! With the wide variety of underdecking ceiling systems on the market, aluminum beats vinyl or steel overall. Our solid aluminum construction offers a host of benefits.

Color Choices

You can customize your panels so that they will match your current outdoor color scheme. We have five colors available; White, Linen, Coastal Dune, Sierra, and Bronze. These colors are baked onto the aluminum and not painted, therefore you don’t have to worry about them fading in the future. Click on the color samples below to see a real project example that used that color.







Underdecking Accessories

Add the “wow” factor to your outdoor living space by adding our underdecking accessories. We offer lighting options, fans, vinyl post wraps and more. You can choose the options that suit your space to create the perfect outdoor oasis for your home.

Ceiling Fans

Make your outdoor living space more comfortable by adding outdoor ceiling fans.

Vinyl Post Wraps

Complete the overall look of your underdeck with our beam and vinyl post wraps.

LED Lighting

Illuminate your deck with our customized recessed LED lighting.

RainTight Kits DO-IT-YOURSELF Installation

RainTight Underdeck Systems have been specifically designed for every type of deck, and now you have the opportunity to do-it-yourself.

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