10 Reasons to Install a Permanent Patio Cover

permanent patio cover

Do you want to put your patio to good use?Installing a permanent cover not only makes your patio more accessible to the family. This setup can also help save you money over time. Plus, you’ll be able to extend your home’s floor area to accommodate family activities.More and more Americans are turning their attention to […]

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How to Prevent Mold Growth Under Your Deck

mold underdeck

Mold found anywhere is never a good sign, especially when it is negatively affecting you from enjoying your outdoor space. The dreaded space beneath your deck is usually full of moisture because there is nothing to stop rain and debris from taking over. It can cause mold to develop on the concrete and walls below. One […]

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4 Reasons to Have Your Outdoor Enclosure Built Now

outdoor enclosure

Winter is right around the corner and it does not make everyone happy. Some of us struggle with cold temperatures and limited daylight. With an outdoor enclosure attached to your home, you can enjoy the natural light much longer.  Installing an outdoor enclosure now while demand has slowed down in the industry is an ideal […]

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4 Reasons Outdoor Enclosures Are a Good Investment

outdoor enclosures

Whether it’s an open-air kitchen or dining area you’ve likely dreamed of having a livable outdoor space added to your home. Homebuilders and landscape construction specialists are seeing more and more homeowners looking to include outdoor living in their home design. Even in parts of the country where cold winter months keep most people indoors, homeowners […]

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Keep Belongings Dry with Underdecking

underdecking storage

Nowhere to store your garden tools, bikes, lawnmower, or outdoor sporting equipment? Take advantage of the extra space underneath your deck. If you’ve got an elevated deck, there is a solution for you to store your items just in time for winter: underdecking. Nothing will get wet with an underdeck ceiling protecting it. It would be […]

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6 Reasons to Add a Kitchen to Your Outdoor Space

outdoor kitchen

Transforming the area under your deck is a great way to maximize living space in your backyard. You’re increasing your outdoor space. so why not take advantage of it. From storage to entertaining, the possibilities are endless. Another popular idea is to add an outdoor kitchen. Outdoor kitchen areas have evolved far past a grill on […]

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5 Tips to Keep Your Screenroom Clean

clean screenroom

Everyone wants a clean and comfortable outdoor space to enjoy after a long day. A screenroom is a perfect place for relaxation, family gatherings, or even a space to do yoga. When kept clean and tidy, this part of your home can be a great place to entertain, unwind, and enjoy the outdoors without worrying […]

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5 Ways to Use Your New Underdeck Space

underdeck space

Homeowners often invest in remodeling and decorating the inside of their homes, while the outside areas, especially the back of the house, are left less finished. By neglecting your outdoor underdeck space, you could be passing up an opportunity to gain more living space.   If you have ample space underneath your upper deck, consider transforming […]

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