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Comparing 3 Different Underdecking Materials


Underdeck systems provide homeowners an attractive solution to help drain the water that seeps through second-level decks. The improved drainage helps to keep your lower-level space dry while also ensuring water is carried away from the home, reducing chances of damage.

Underdecking provides a finished look for the lower-level space beneath a raised deck. You’ll no longer have to look up at dirty, unfinished beams when enjoying your outdoor space.

Materials for Your Outdoor Space

underdecking materials

Underdecking can be installed on existing decks as well as brand new decks. It is installed using removable panels that allow for easy access. They can be made from different materials such as vinyl, aluminum, and steel. Each has its benefits and drawbacks that will be explained below.

1. Vinyl

Vinyl is a popular material used for underdecking systems. It is affordable and easy to install. Vinyl under deck systems come in a wide variety of colors; however, they are not a good choice for a long-term solution to your deck drainage needs.

Vinyl lacks the rigidity needed for a stable under deck water collection system. The vibration from walking on the deck above can cause a vinyl underdecking system to loosen.

Vinyl under deck ceiling systems are thinner and sag over time. They are vulnerable to water, snow, ice, and temperature fluctuations that warp and fade the panels. The heat from grills can melt vinyl underdeck ceilings. Vinyl is also a very poor choice if you wish to install any electrical fixtures in the area. Vinyl requires more maintenance and often needs to be replaced within a few short years.

2. Steel

Steel is known for its strength and durability. However, a steel under deck system will rust over time. It is harder to cut, saw, and carve than any other material. Some steel underdeck systems are made from corrugated steel roofing material. This is not the ideal underdecking material you want to use. It will not last long and will leak at the seams.

3. Aluminum

Aluminum is the most common material used for underdecking systems for good reason.  It offers homeowners many benefits for them to enjoy their clean and dry outdoor space.

Aluminum does not expand or contract with changing temperatures like vinyl does. It also will not develop cracks or gaps due to weather or excess water. Aluminum is strong enough to handle heavy snow and ice. This strength allows aluminum under deck systems to support fans, lights, and other accessories that can make your outdoor space unique.

Aluminum is more corrosion-resistant than steel. It will remain functional and attractive for many years  which makes it more cost-effective than vinyl and steel.

Aluminum under deck ceilings are easy to clean and maintain. They do not require repainting because the original paint is baked in. The aluminum under deck ceiling systems installed by RainTight are custom-made to fit your deck perfectly.

Benefits Of Underdecking Systems

Aluminum underdecking systems are durable and structurally sound so that you can enjoy outdoor living for years to come. They provide style, quality, and value to your home. Other advantages include:

1. Protection From The Elements 

Underdecking systems are designed to keep the area beneath your deck dry during heavy downpours.  They also protect you and your guests from harmful UV rays during the summer. Unpredictable climates are known for ending a good party.  This is not the case when you have an underdecking system.

2. Prevents Rotting and Decay

An underdecking system extends the life of your deck by preventing the substructure from rotting.  With a drainage solution in place to keep moisture out, your deck is protected from decay.

3. Minimal Maintenance

Underdecking systems are easy to install and maintain. To clean the panels of an underdecking system, remove the panel and wash it down with a water hose and wipe dry with a soft cloth.

4. Enhanced Appearance

Your outdoor space is more aesthetically pleasing when an underdecking system is added. The deck is visually appealing with the ceiling panels and color to match your home’s existing decor.

Let Us Create the Perfect Outdoor Space for You

Summer is here and everyone is spending more time at home. Now is the perfect time to expand your outdoor living space by installing an under-deck ceiling. An underdeck ceiling is a great way to double your usable area and provide a dry, comfortable outdoor space in wet weather or on hot, sunny days.

At RainTight, we only use aluminum for our underdecking systems. It is durable enough to keep your space dry for years. Our team of professionals will design an underdecking system and custom-make it to fit your deck. Contact us today to get started enjoying the outdoors.

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