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Top 3 Reasons to Buy Your Underdeck System Kit from RainTight


Why You Need an Underdecking System


Want to enjoy lounging outdoors or host a neighborhood Bar-B-Que rain or shine? You can enjoy these activities and more by installing an underdeck system. It creates a dry, usable space underneath a second-story deck and protects the deck substructure from moisture that can lead to rotting.

If you’re not sure what to do with that dark and wet outdoor space below your deck, RainTight has the perfect solution.: an underdeck system. This structure directs water away from your home, keeping the space below your above-ground deck dry.  You can now create the outdoor living space you’ve always dreamed of with an underdeck system.

The design and durability of the RainTight underdecking system allow for added options in your new outdoor living space. Such features include the addition of gas and electricity. With these features, you can transform your dry living space into something spectacular. Lights, ceiling fans, and entertainment can all be added to enhance the outdoor space and increase home value.

RainTight’s underdeck systems are so easy to install that they offer a DIY kit that you can order directly from their manufacturing facility.

What Is an Underdeck System Kit?

The underdecking kit offered by RainTight is custom designed for your specific area. You provide your detailed measurements and we’ll make the parts to fit. You’ll have everything you need to construct your dream outdoor living space.

You don’t have to be an expert handyman to install it either. Underdeck system kits are designed to be installed by homeowners. Each DIY kit includes deck panels, matching trim, a downspout kit, and hardware that can be ordered on our website. Instructions for measuring and installing your underdeck system are included in great detail. And if you still have questions, RainTight experts are there to help.

The Leader in Underdeck Systems

For over 12 years, RainTight has been creating outdoor structures for homeowners.   With a RainTight underdeck system kit, you’ll get a high-quality product that requires very little maintenance. We only use aluminum in our outdoor structures because it’s strong, yet lightweight. It also does not fade or rust and is very easy to clean.

RainTight’s underdeck systems are designed for any type of upper-level deck and complement every style of home. When you decide to order a kit, the first thing you’ll do is submit the dimensions of your deck using a deck development form. It is recommended that pictures of your deck be sent with this form. This allows RainTight to custom design your underdeck system.

Custom made underdecking

Why Order Your Underdeck Kit from RainTight?

Three very good reasons why homeowners should purchase an underdeck system kit from RainTight include:

1. Customer Support

RainTight is dedicated to customer satisfaction. When you order your underdeck system kit online, you also receive detailed installation instructions. The goal is to make installing your underdeck a breeze. In this instruction manual, it informs you of the tools needed for installation as well as a step by step process, along with pictures and diagrams for visuals.

For visual learners, RainTight offers videos to guide you in the installation process. Each video focuses on a step from the installation manual.

If after reading the instruction manual you’re still not sure about some steps, RainTight offers assistance from in-house professional installers. They are available to help with every step until the underdeck system is completely installed.

2. Great Product

RainTight’s underdecking system kit is manufactured using heavy gauge aluminum. Using the deck dimensions provided by the homeowner, the panels and parts are carefully designed to provide customers with the best protection from rain, snow, insects, and the sun. The drainage system is designed to collect the rain and direct it away from your home with the help of gutters and downspouts.

3. Installation

If you’ve changed your mind about installing the underdeck system kit yourself because you don’t have the time or desire, RainTight’s contractors can install it for you. You’ll be enjoying the outdoors in no time with the expertise and efficiency of the RainTight team. 

You get a high-quality product and service at an affordable price. Underdecking solutions from RainTight are affordable because they manufacture and install their products in-house. This results in cost and time savings to customers.

Aluminum Is the Best Material

The best underdeck material is aluminum, making up 90 percent of the market for underdecking systems. Here’s why:

  • More color options
  • Can withstand changes in precipitation and temperatures
  • Little to no maintenance required
  • Aluminum panels are easier to install
  • Fewer complications when adding accessories to the underdeck ceiling
  • Aluminum underdeck ceilings come in any length
  • Strong, yet lightweight
Underdeck installation

DIY or Hire a Pro?

Get ready for warmer weather by adding an underdeck system to your home. Although the rainy season is approaching, a RainTight underdeck system will keep the fun going.  Keeping the water out is what we do best. Our professionals can guide you on what works best for your outdoor space. Contact us today for a free consultation.


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