August 22

An Underdecking System Offers Many Benefits


Perhaps you’ve heard of an underdecking system but aren’t sure if you need one. If you’d like to turn the patio area under your deck into a dry, usable outdoor living area, an underdecking system may be the right choice. 

How Does An Underdecking System Work?

Underdecking is a deck ceiling and drainage system that turns the often dark, damp, and underutilized area under a deck into a functional outdoor living space. The built-in drainage system captures rainwater and snowmelt from between deck panels and carries it away from your home and the underside of your deck. This creates a clean, dry, usable space under your deck. Some homeowners leave the area open, and others choose to install a screen room.

Benefits of Underdecking Systems

1. Reclaims Wasted Space

If the patio area under your deck is underutilized, an underdecking system can turn it into a dry, functional space. You may decide to use it for additional storage, a hot tub area, a children’s playroom, or a comfortable outdoor entertainment area. Many homeowners enclose the reclaimed space and turn it into a comfortable, year-round space for entertaining or just relaxing with family and friends. 

2. Adds Function and Style

The patio underneath your deck can become a comfortable indoor-outdoor living area with a shaded, waterproof area. Fixtures like ceiling fans and heaters allow you to enjoy the space throughout the changing seasons. Homeowners often add lighting, entertainment systems, outdoor kitchens, or fire features to enhance their comfort and enjoyment. 

3. Low Maintenance

Adding an underdeck system keeps your deck and the area underneath cleaner. The materials used for underdecking systems are durable and require little maintenance. Most homeowners just spray the panels off with a garden hose periodically. Your patio furnishings, grills, and decor will also last longer with the added protection from harsh sunlight, rain, and melting snow. 

4. Increases Home Value

Whether you use it for storage or a spectacular entertainment area, an underdecking system adds value to your home. A high-quality, expertly installed underdeck ceiling system increases property value by doubling your outdoor living space. If you decide to sell your home in the future, an underdecking system is a desirable upgrade that will make your home appealing to potential buyers.

5. Protects Your Home

The drainage system moves damaging rain and moisture safely away from your foundation. One of the biggest causes of foundation damage is too much water pooling along the sides of a property. When this water seeps into the ground, it can cause hydrostatic pressure, leading to foundation cracks. This is why homes have gutters and downspouts that carry water away rather than allowing it to fall directly off the roof. Underdeck systems do the same thing, helping protect the overall integrity of your home. 

Why Choose RainTight Underdecking Systems?

Not all underdeck systems are the same. RainTight takes great pride in its products and craftsmanship, delivering the highest-quality results to its customers. 

We use high-quality aluminum with colors baked in, not painted on, and the aluminum will not fade or rust, keeping them beautiful year after year. RainTight underdecking panels will not sag or melt like many vinyl and PVC products when exposed to damaging sun and harsh outdoor elements.

RainTight custom designs each underdecking ceiling system they install. By customizing each part for every project, they create an underdecking system with a perfect fit that completely removes all water. Other companies may use pre-fabricated parts and outside suppliers that can’t deliver the same high-quality results. RainTight manufactures each underdecking system in-house, carefully overseeing the production and ensuring quality throughout the process. Installation is quick as each piece is custom fitted, making for easier and faster installation.           

Choose RainTight for Your Outdoor Living Needs 

RainTight has unique solutions that allow you to enjoy your existing deck, patio, or porch regardless of the weather. Our team has decades of experience designing and installing custom-made underdecking systems, screen rooms, and patio covers. We can create a custom design that increases the value of your home, blends seamlessly with your existing architecture, and provides years of enjoyment.

RainTight’s headquarters and manufacturing facility is located in O’Fallon, Missouri. Since 2007, we’ve served clients throughout the greater St. Louis area. We are also pleased to serve clients in the Lake of the Ozarks region. Contact us online or call us at 636-242-8315 to discuss your needs and schedule a free consultation.






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