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3 Tips to Creating a Virtual Classroom or Office in Your Screenroom


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With Covid-19 lockdowns affecting people everywhere, many have had to quickly switch from working in an office environment to working at home.  Parents have had to set up a classroom for their kids to continue their education online. If this is your first time working from home or homeschooling, the right space and setup are key for a productive day.

For those homeowners with a designated outdoor space such as a screen room, this is the perfect place to tackle work or teach the kids in the same space. You have access to natural light and can design your space to your advantage.

Why a Screen Room Is a Perfect Space

The benefits for employees or students with a screen room at home are quite simple: natural light and outdoor space. The perfect space to receive that is in a screen room. Both children and adults need access to natural light throughout the day. Here’s why:

Improves Sleep

Children and adults who get a good night's sleep are generally more productive and attentive. Being well-rested improves concentration. More exposure to light and fresh air during working or school hours results in more restful slumber.

Enhances Mood

Exposure to nature and natural light also improves morale. Trees, flowers, and the warmth of the sun makes everyone smile. Working in a screen room gives you access to the outside all day long. Additionally, kids can have easy access to recess outdoors, even on rainy days in a screen room.

Supports Vision

Working from home and virtual homeschooling involves staring at a computer for hours. This can cause a strain on the eyes. Being in a screen room with access to natural light can sustain eye health and reduce drowsiness.

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Setting Up A Screen Room to Work or Learn In

Working from home will continue to be a more common part of normal operations for companies both large and small. Many schools, for the time being, are operating virtually as well, at least part-time. You can boost learning and productivity in a screen room that’s set up to produce success. Creating a comfortable, yet functional work environment for everyone is doable in a screen room.

1. Organization

We all know how quickly any kids’ area can get lost under worksheets, arts and crafts, or tubs of slime. The more cluttered the desktop, the harder it will be for your child to focus. Using shelving, you can organize a homework zone that works for several kids. Give each child a designated shelf so there’s no confusion about which items belong to whom.

Label containers and bins so that each child has their own set of school supplies and can get them when needed. Store papers and art supplies in a cabinet or on a shelf.  Let them grab high-use items like pencils from a desktop organizer or a bucket.

For adults, you may not need a huge amount of organizing. A file cabinet, bins for office supplies, and space to have your coffee are good ideas to get started. Depending on what your job requires, you can add more organization as needed.

2. Workstations

Children need to have a separate space for learning. This will help them get into a different mindset so they can show up ready to focus for the day. Depending on the age of the child, the type of workstation will vary. For preschoolers and elementary-age children, a small table will do. For pre-teens and high schoolers, a desk with drawers will be suitable to work on their computers.

Some adults can work on their laptops from a couch with comfy pillows, while others prefer a more strategic office setup.  A few green plants will help with the ambiance. In a screen room, the view of the outdoors is enough to get you going.

3. Block Distractions

Your house is always full of distractions.  Working in a screen room can decrease that since it’s separated from the rest of the house. If siblings are having trouble sharing space in a screen room, separate their desks with a tall bookshelf or portable screen. If they’re seated at the same table, prop up trifold boards or tabletop screens. Noise-canceling headphones are effective for adults who are in the same screen room with their kids.

Choose Us to Help Your Family

Screen rooms can be transformed into almost any space you need it to be: a home office, virtual classroom, or exercise room. RainTight can build an outdoor space that meets the needs of your home and family. Contact us today to get started enjoying the outdoors more.


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