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5 Tips to Keep Your Screenroom Clean


Everyone wants a clean and comfortable outdoor space to enjoy after a long day. A screenroom is a perfect place for relaxation, family gatherings, or even a space to do yoga. When kept clean and tidy, this part of your home can be a great place to entertain, unwind, and enjoy the outdoors without worrying about the insects, debris, and occasional bad weather.

Maintaining a Clean Screenroom

One thing you don’t want to turn that screenroom into is into is a mess. Don’t make it another storage space or junk room. Keeping your screenroom free of clutter and dirt will provide more entertaining space.

A screenroom should be welcoming and not look like a disaster every time you want to have guests over. Having a clean room will also make the space look bigger. Consider these cleaning tips to keep your screenroom clean and comfortable.

clean screenroom
1. Clean from Top to Bottom

While cleaning your room, it’s important to work from the top down. Start by wiping down all the ceilings, ceiling fan blades, and lights. Move on to the screens. Clean screens make your screenroom feel tidier. Remove any dirt spots promptly. This will give the debris less time to set in, making cleanup a quicker process.

2. Remove the Clutter

Do a scan of your space. If you see gardening tools, bikes, books, magazines, and other items, you may want to reconsider some other type of outdoor storage, like the area you can create with an underdeck ceiling. Items like these can take up valuable entertaining space, and they can also bring unwanted dirt and clutter into your otherwise tidy screenroom.

Stack all your magazines on a bookshelf or place them in a holder. You can use decorative baskets or a trunk to store extra pillows, blankets, toys, and small electronics.  Organization is key to keeping any space clean.

3. Furniture

Most screenrooms have some type of furniture for seating, lounging, or sleeping. Vacuum sofas, chairs, cushions, and other fabrics. Wipe down the non-fabric parts of all your furniture, whether it be barstools, tables, chairs, or a sofa. Remove the covers from your cushions and pillows and either throw them in the washer or hand wash them. Once completely dry, put your freshly cleaned cushions and pillows back where they belong.

4. Dusting

Decorative items and plants should be dusted off and wiped down. Any wood or metal surfaces collect dust easily. These should be cleaned frequently. Clean glass surfaces with an appropriate cleaner.

5. Sweep Floor Regularly

Sweeping your screenroom’s floor is one of the most impactful and effective ways to make the entire space feel clean. Sweeping once a week or about as often as you sweep your home’s interior floors is an easy practice to follow and keep up.

If there’s a big storm or you notice more leaves and debris are making their way into your screenroom than normal, a quick sweep can keep these messes from piling up.

Sweep or vacuum all the rugs in your screenroom. It’s beneficial to sweep them off first so dirt isn’t tracked through the rest of your home. If you need to clean the floor of your screenroom, remove the rugs.

Benefits of a Screenroom

Everybody wants a space where they can enjoy a sense of respite. It may seem increasingly difficult to find such a place even in the comfort of your own home. If you have found yourself unable to find an oasis, perhaps it is time you considered a screenroom.

Screenrooms can add value to your home, create an enjoyable multipurpose space, and offer a range of other benefits, too. One of the main advantages of a screenroom is that it offers protection from bad weather. It also prohibits bugs, pollen, and other various irritants from coming in.

Cleaning and maintenance are minimal because of the protection provided by the RainTight screenroom system. You don’t have to worry about leaves and water entering your relaxation space. A screenroom gives homeowners a usable exterior space year-round, which means less work and more time enjoying the outdoors.

Get a Custom-Made Outdoor Solution

RainTight offers custom-made screenroom enclosures, underdecking systems, and patio covers to allow you more time to enjoy an outdoor living space. All of our products are made using high-quality and durable aluminum. RainTight’s outdoor enclosures are built to last and easy to maintain.

We manufacture all of our parts, which saves customers time and money. RainTight also offers colors that complement your home’s existing style. For additional information about our selection of outdoor enclosures, please contact us today for a free consultation.


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