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5 Ways to Use Your New Underdeck Space


Homeowners often invest in remodeling and decorating the inside of their homes, while the outside areas, especially the back of the house, are left less finished. By neglecting your outdoor underdeck space, you could be passing up an opportunity to gain more living space.

If you have ample space underneath your upper deck, consider transforming it with underdecking.  An underdeck ceiling keeps rainwater from coming through your second story deck. This newly dry area is now open to many outdoor living possibilities. The deck ceiling system also gives the area a finished appearance making it ready for all sorts of daily activities and special occasions.

Stop worrying about having to cover your patio furniture or canceling a party due to the weather. With an underdecking system installed, you can create a space for your hobbies, family, pets, or work.

Create Unique Living Spaces

Maximizing the space in your backyard increases the amount of usable square footage. With a dry area to use, many ideas come to mind on how to use this outdoor living area.  Here are some ways to best utilize your underdeck space so that it does not go to waste.

1. Just Hang Out

Create a comfortable lounging area for friends and family to enjoy each other’s company. It can be casual or upscale.  Comfy couches and seating with large pillows are great ways to include interaction and conversation. Install a flat-screen TV and watch your favorite sporting events. Try having movie nights with friends in the great outdoors.

2. Outdoor Dining 

An underdeck dining area gives you protection from the elements and the sun on hot days. You can incorporate an outdoor kitchen with food prep areas and grills. A station for drinks would be nice for guests when you host your summer dinner parties.

3. Child’s Play

Take advantage of your underdeck space by creating a play area for your kids. A large backyard is great, but a covered outdoor area is even better on rainy and extremely hot days. The kids can play games, have tea parties, camp out – all in a dry space. They’ll be protected from the harsh UV rays of the sun too! 

4. Storage 

Rather than take up additional yard space with a shed, have the under-deck transformed into enclosed weatherproof storage. With a small investment, you can create a built-in storage area for lawn care tools, pool supplies, children’s outdoor toys, sporting equipment, and other seasonal items.

underdeck workshop
5. Workshop or Hobbies

Some homeowners may want a usable outdoor workshop area. If you need a spot to keep power tools, saws, and other woodworking equipment, an underdeck space would be perfect.  Tables and shelves for storage would help with supplies and finishing projects.

Other Benefits of Underdecking Systems

Underdecking systems are durable and structurally sound so that you can enjoy outdoor living for years to come. They provide style, quality, beautification, and value to your home. Other advantages include:

  1. Protection from the Elements - Underdecking systems are designed to keep your space dry during heavy downpours.  They also protect you and your guests from harmful UV rays during the summer. Unpredictable climates are known for ending a good party.  This is not the case when you have an underdecking system.
  1. Minimal Maintenance - Underdecking systems are easy to install and maintain. To clean the panels of an underdecking system, simply remove the panel and wash it down with a water hose.
  1. Enhanced Appearance - Your outdoor space is more attractive when an underdecking system is added. The deck is visually appealing with the ceiling panels and color to match your home’s existing decor.
  1. Long-Lasting - The high-quality aluminum materials used in RainTight’s underdecking systems are lightweight but strong. They will last for many years, withstanding heat, cold, strong winds, and heavy rain.

Trust the Professionals to Transform Your Space

While these are all great and intuitive ways to finish off that under-deck area, you will have to decide for yourself how to best incorporate the space under your deck into your lifestyle. RainTight can help you with the outdoor living plan that works best for you.

If you need a space for relaxing or handing out with friends, our underdecking system can handle it. This new addition to your home can be customized and used any way you want.  Our team of contractors will provide the best service. We use durable aluminum for all of our underdecking material. Contact us today for a free consultation and estimate.


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