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6 Décor Ideas for Your Underdeck Space


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Underdeck systems solve the issues of an unused space below your above-ground deck. With the use of ceiling panels, downspouts, gutters, and trim, you can have a beautiful space designed to weather the storm.  You won’t need to cancel the event on account of rain. With an underdeck system, you can take the party below-deck.

Before you invite your guests, this space needs some décor to make it cozy and inviting. If you love having friends and family over, your underdeck space will need a few items to encourage interaction and create some ambiance.

Customizing Your Outdoor Living Space 

Once your underdeck system is completed, you can now make this outdoor living space your own. You have many options to accessorize and illuminate your space. Vertical gardens, stylish patio furniture, and clever lighting ideas can make your covered patio one of the best spaces in your house.

1. Make It Comfy

Outdoor furniture should look and feel comfortable. With an underdeck system, you don’t have to worry about your outdoor furniture getting wet or faded. For those homeowners who love gatherings, durable furniture is a must. It will carry you through season after season. Give it a fresh look with graphic and colorful cushions and pillows.

For movie nights, add a cozy daybed with throws and pillows. Other furniture that can be incorporated into your underdeck space include a wooden bench, chairs, tables or stools.  Cushions can be added for extra comfort.

hanging flowers
2. Greenery

Green accessories are one way to add color to your space. You can use planters, hanging baskets, or pots of varying sizes and heights. The addition of plants, succulents, and flowers makes your covered deck feel brighter. You can set some of them on the floor or arrange them on tables. You can’t go wrong by adding lush greenery to your underdeck space.

3. Tranquility

Bring the tranquil sounds of water to your deck with a water feature, such as a fountain powered by a recirculating pump. Or create a soothing water garden in a pot or nearby raised bed.

4. Add Texture

Wood and stone add texture and character to any outdoor living space.  Stone fireplaces or brick pavers can be a welcoming touch. You can even lay stone tiles to your deck to expand the usable space. You have the choice of leaving the floor bare or partially covering it with an outdoor rug.

string lights
5. Lighting

An important feature of the space you’re decorating is the lighting. Depending upon what lighting option you choose, you can change the tone, aesthetics, ambience, and overall décor of your space. You can go as simple or as decorative as you’d like with your light fixtures.

You don’t need expensive lighting to illuminate a dreary deck. Simple fixtures like string lights and lanterns can just as effectively—and far more affordably—light the way to a fun and charming outdoor area.

  • Bistro or String Lights: This popular option consists of string lights with large clear bulbs that can be hung across the ceiling or its border.
  • LED Lights: Low voltage LED lights emit a warm yellow light, put off 90 percent less heat, and attract fewer bugs than other lights.
  • Hanging Lanterns: This traditional approach comes in a variety of designs that are made out of a metal frame. They can be hung or mounted to a wall. You can change the light source or even use a candle for a softer lighting option.
  • Table Lighting: If you want to keep the light concentrated to the table and seating area, you can use tabletop lights just as you would indoors. Another popular light option that doubles as a centerpiece is a candle in a large votive.
  • Rope Lights: These multi-colored lights can be used to create a unique space. They can be wrapped around deck support columns or a display.
6. Other Options

You can choose from a plethora of décor options to make your underdeck space truly your own. To enhance your outdoor living area consider adding on outdoor ceiling fans, chandeliers, an outdoor kitchen, a fire pit, outdoor bar, and sound system.

Start Enjoying the Outdoors

No matter your architectural needs, RainTight can provide you with a custom design that will increase the worth of your home, blend seamlessly with your existing architecture, and last a lifetime. We design and build beautiful outdoor spaces as extensions of your home. Contact us today for a free consultation.


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