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Getting the Best ROI from a Screen Room


screen room ROI

Outdoor projects are great and a good investment for homeowners looking to increase their home's resale value. An outdoor enclosure creates an extended living space that would be desirable to prospective home buyers. Adding a screen room allows families to enjoy the outdoors without having to worry about unpredictable weather elements, pesky insects, and yard debris entering the home.

Screen rooms installed by RainTight can be used to enclose an existing porch or patio. Most homeowners can get around a 70 -75% return on investment with a screened room. It's considered one of the best home improvement projects for ROI. A screen room is a valuable asset that is worth the money.

Elements that Contribute to a Screen Room's ROI

Turning your outdoor space into a screen room creates a true extension of your living space that can be used throughout most of the year. According to thenest.com, screen rooms hold around 72 percent return in resale value, which is a significant increase. It also adds square footage to a home, which can add character and curb appeal.

Costs. Screen rooms are one of the most affordable outdoor enclosure options offered. The construction timeline for this type of enclosure is shorter than others. The cost is more affordable because there is no new construction involved since it is installed on an existing porch or patio.

Materials. The type of material used to construct a screen room plays a role in the ROI. The frames of a RainTight’s screen room are made from high quality, lightweight aluminum with fiberglass screens. They are very durable and practically maintenance-free. No annoying pests will make it through to disrupt outdoor gatherings.

Custom Design. The more custom-oriented a screen room design is, the more attractive it is to home buyers, which can give a great return. A screen room installed by RainTight includes pre-manufactured materials custom-made to fit any structure. The simplicity of this process reduces costs and time. RainTight installation of a screen room offers less disruption to the homeowner’s lifestyle, while still offering high quality and flexibility in the construction of the screen room.

Size. The total usable outdoor space is what matters most. When deciding between making a larger screen room or opting for fancier features, in most cases, the extra space is a better investment than custom additions.

Location. Living in an area where the use of a screen room is frequent and enjoyed throughout the year makes it more desirable. Real estate agents know what potential buyers are looking for in outdoor living spaces. If the climate is very sunny or bugs disrupt everything, then a screen room is the perfect solution to keeping harmful UV rays out.

Planning an outdoor get-together without having to worry about the rain, wind or bugs ruining the party is much easier with a screen room. The added benefits of an increased home value over time and having a safe place for the kids and pets make it a great addition.

About RainTight

RainTight has enhanced homes since 2007 and continues to provide a better quality of life for homeowners. In addition to screen rooms, RainTight builds patio covers and underdeck ceilings.

The aluminum materials used in all their outdoor enclosures make for a stronger, longer-lasting structure to enjoy for years to come. The color selection, finish options, and accessories give more customizable options to complement the home.


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