November 16

Does an Outdoor Living Space Add Value?


Have you been thinking about adding an outdoor enclosure to your home, but you’re not sure if it’s worth the investment?

When most people think of the return on investment of home improvements, they are thinking of the monetary gain on the sale value of their home. While that factor is indeed important, there are more intangible benefits that can be achieved with an outdoor enclosure. Let’s look at all the advantages of building an outdoor enclosure on your home.

10 Reasons Why Outdoor Enclosures Are Worth It

Even though the St. Louis area has its cold and inclement weather, there are many opportunities to enjoy an outdoor enclosure.

  1. Added Living Space 
    You can expand your available living area by moving it outdoors. You can use that extra space for entertaining, cooking, eating, a children’s playroom—the options are endless!

  2. Peace and Quiet 
    You can escape from the rest of the hubbub going on indoors in your outdoor sanctuary. Soak in the hot tub, enjoy nature, read—whatever de-stresses and refreshes you.

  3. Safe Play 
    If you have younger children, you can create a playroom for them in your enclosed screenroom. Move all their toys and playthings out there to keep them occupied while you are working or relaxing inside.

  4. Private Sanctuary
    Unlike sitting out on your deck or porch, an enclosed screenroom or underdeck provides more privacy. You can enjoy the weather without interruption by a gabby neighbor or prying eyes.

  5. Protection from the Elements 
    When your outdoor space is an underdeck systemcovered patio or screenroom, you’ll be under cover from the sun and rain. No need for sunscreen or rushing indoors when the clouds burst. Your books and electronics will be protected from damage as well.

  6. Not Just for Daytime 
    Your covered outdoor space can be designed with lighting included. This expands the use to practically any hour of the day. You can enjoy the outdoors after dark, even in the heat of the stifling summers, when the weather is cooler.

  7. Minimal Maintenance 
    When you get an outdoor enclosure from RainTight, you’ll get one made with durable aluminum structure. They require very little maintenance and last for decades.

  8. Affordable 
    Adding an outdoor living space is much less expensive than adding a room onto your home. Also, our screen rooms, porch covers, and underdeck ceilings are built onto the current structure of your home, so no new construction is necessary.

  9. Casual 
    Unlike hosting a formal dinner, entertaining in your outdoor can be more laid-back and less stressful. It places people at ease and everyone is more relaxed.

  10. Can Increase Home Value 
    Finally—yes, adding an outdoor space can increase the value of your home. Buyers will be impressed with the added features and opportunities for using that extra space.

Adding Even More Value to Outdoor Spaces

outdoor living space value

How you use your outdoor space can also add value to your home in many ways. By adding features, appliances and furnishings, you can increase the functionality of the space.

  • Outdoor kitchens have become extremely popular in recent years. Building your counter space and cabinets around your outdoor grill is advisable over a fancier option. It’s estimated that an outdoor kitchen can potentially see an ROI ranging between 100% and 200%.
  • More storage is available when you add an underdecking system to your existing above-ground deck. You can store lawn equipment, tools, deck furniture or other items you want to keep dry while not in use.
  • Hot tubs can be placed underneath any of the covered structures. You’ll get more use out of them because you won’t worry about rain or snow. They’ll also stay cleaner.
  • Dining outdoors is more pleasant when you know you won’t need to run indoors at the first drop of rain. If you have a screenroom, you also won’t worry about bugs or debris flying into your food or drinks.
  • Covered swimming pool decks can allow you to keep tabs on your kids in the pool without getting baked by the sun and heat.
  • Lighting added to your covered outdoor space can add to its appeal and usefulness.
  • Decorating your space with nice wicker furniture, plants and other items can make it more attractive.
  • Camaraderie can happen when you’re in the right mood and place. You can add a TV and bar for sports games. Or have a family movie night. The kids can play their video games or board games. Maybe even have a sleepover.

Get the Outdoor Enclosure of Your Dreams

Contact RainTight today to get an estimate on a screenroom, underdeck ceiling on covered patio. By the time the weather warms up, you’ll be able to enjoy the benefits immediately.


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