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Increase Home Value and Time Outdoors With A Screen Room


A New Screenroom Adds Enjoyment and Value

Screen room

The most popular way to build long-term wealth is to own a home. To maximize the value of a home, homeowners need to keep up with its maintenance. It also helps to add upgrades before putting it on the market. An affordable home improvement project to consider is adding or improving an outdoor living space.

One valuable improvement is adding a screen room to an existing porch or deck. Screen rooms are one of the most cost-effective options to add square footage and potentially increase property value. According to Remodeling Magazine’s 2020 Cost vs. Value Report, a 50% return is possible when it’s time to sell. 

A screen room can be installed below an existing deck or designed from scratch. The cost of a screen room depends on the size and features that are chosen to be included.

While some homeowners measure the cost of adding a screen room, others measure the enhanced quality of life gained. Even if selling the home is not in the near-term plan, the addition will provide a place for relaxation, comfort, and entertainment in the interim. 

Benefits of A Screen room

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The advantages of getting a screen room installed include:

  • Keeping Insects and Critters Away. A screen room acts as a shield against mosquitos, gnats, and other pests that can make being outdoors miserable.
  • Protection From The Elements. Screen rooms offer protection from rain, high winds, and the sun. A screen room makes it easy to enjoy the outdoors regardless of the weather.
  • Less Maintenance. A screen room prevents leaves, branches, and other debris from cluttering falling or blowing onto the deck or porch. This means less maintenance and upkeep. Patio furniture and other surfaces are also guarded against the sun that may cause fading.
  • Improve Home Aesthetics. Screen rooms can be designed to complement the style of a home. A variety of colors and styles can be chosen to provide an attractive and appealing space.
  • Increased Space. Screen rooms can be used for many purposes.
    • Entertaining. They provide the perfect entertaining space to host gatherings and parties with family and friends. 
    • Dining. Eating outdoors can be more enjoyable without getting bombarded by bugs.
    • Playrooms. Make your screen room into a play area for the kids. They won’t get sunburnt or eaten up by insects. And they can use their outside voices!
    • Relaxing. Grab a book to read, a cup of coffee in the morning or a glass of wine to wind down the day. Enjoy them in the pleasant weather with views of nature.

Screen Rooms From RainTight

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There are important factors to consider when planning to install a screen room. The overall cost, quality workmanship of the contractors and materials used are just a few. RainTight uses high-quality lightweight aluminum with fiberglass screens.

Raintight reduces the cost by pre-manufacturing all of the materials themselves and delivering them to the homeowner. This process also shortens the time it takes for installation. 

All screen rooms from RainTight are custom-made to match the style of the home.  The aluminum material used to construct the frames of the screen room is very durable and low-maintenance. The baked-on paint color that is chosen will not fade or rust. 

About RainTight

Raintight office

RainTight has been providing homeowners with high-quality outdoor enclosures since 2007. The contractors at RainTight are experienced and provide the best customer service. 

Raintight outdoor enclosures include under decking, screen rooms, and patio covers. Aluminum is used to manufacture all products because it is more durable than vinyl and wood. RainTight’s number one goal is to always provide a long-lasting product for homeowners to enjoy. 


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