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How to Prevent Mold Growth Under Your Deck


Mold found anywhere is never a good sign, especially when it is negatively affecting you from enjoying your outdoor space. The dreaded space beneath your deck is usually full of moisture because there is nothing to stop rain and debris from taking over. It can cause mold to develop on the concrete and walls below.

One way to avoid mold growth under your deck is to install an underdeck ceiling. With an underdecking system, you can enjoy the outdoors without worrying about moisture buildup.

What Causes Mold?

Fungi need moisture to grow and the damp area underneath a deck provides plenty of it. Mold spores are lightweight and become airborne easily, thus spreading rapidly.  These fungal infestations are created by shade and damp conditions which can create a significant odor. Moist areas provide the perfect breeding ground for mold spores.

Mold appears in many different colors, including gray, green, blue, brown, black, and white. It can look either fuzzy or slimy. Mold spreads rapidly and can cause respiratory health issues.

Keep Mold at Bay with Underdecking

Improper draining is a major reason for mold growth under a deck. An underdeck ceiling can prevent mold from interrupting your outdoor plans. Not only does an underdeck create a new outdoor living space for the homeowner that is more private and protected; it also serves to catch the water from rain and snow and route it away from the house and out into the yard.

Collect Rainwater

A properly installed underdeck system usually consists of these components: the trim, gutters and downspouts, the ceiling panels, and support braces. The ceiling panels create a seal under the deck floor and are designed to withstand normal rain and snow showers without leaks between panels. The aluminum panels are cut to any length for a custom fit so you can get a seamless look.

Rain passes through deck boards above and is captured in the waterproof ceiling panel system which spans the full width of the deck floor, preventing moisture from coming through. This water is directed to the perimeter gutter system that is part of the underdecking.

Improve Drainage

Underdeck systems solve the issues of drainage, dryness, and stable construction to safely keep water out while also protecting your family, outdoor furniture, and fixtures underneath. Water collecting under the deck creates smelly dampness which can lead to mold growth if left unattended.

Underdecking consists of a network of troughs and downspouts to divert water into a gutter system that moves it away from the deck. This diversion will help prevent water from pooling and drain it away from your patio and home.

The underdeck system also creates an area beneath the deck that stays dry and protected from the elements. The result you get is a mold-free outdoor living space your family can enjoy without worrying about exposure.

Mold and Your Health

Mold can pose a health problem, especially for people with allergies, an existing respiratory problem, or a weakened immune system. As mold grows, spores and fragments enter the air. They can produce allergens and irritants that can be toxic.  These particles can irritate the lungs, eyes, nose, and throat, especially in a person who already has a breathing problem, asthma, or a chronic lung condition.

Why Homeowners Love Underdeck Ceilings

If you have an above-ground deck attached to your home, the area underneath serves as a nice outdoor bonus space. The problem with it is that it often gets wet when it rains which can lead to mold growth.  It makes the space virtually unusable in most cases.

Homeowners have found a way to alleviate this problem by installing a RainTight underdeck ceiling. Here are some of the benefits of having one installed on your home.

  • Visually attractive, it provides a clean and uniform look.
  • More storage space. Seasonal items, ladders, children’s toys, even firewood, can be stored there without worry of damage from moisture, rust, and corrosion.
  • Increases home value
  • Dry outdoor space to enjoy year-round
  • Custom designed for each deck and home exterior
  • Quick and easy to install
  • Available in different colors
  • Made from aluminum because it is strong, lightweight, and has better structural integrity than vinyl. Aluminum is durable and holds up to extreme temperature changes.
  • Requires very little maintenance and is easy to clean if needed.

Trusted the Underdecking Professionals

Keep your outdoor space free of mold with an underdeck ceiling from RainTight, that will keep your deck and patio free of moisture and rain. Our sturdy aluminum panels are made to fit any size deck to provide the ultimate protection from the elements.

You can choose to have RainTight install the underdecking system for you or order a kit for do-it-yourself installation. Either way, you’ll get a high-quality, custom-made solution to prevent moisture and mold.

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