December 13

4 Reasons to Have Your Outdoor Enclosure Built Now


Winter is right around the corner and it does not make everyone happy. Some of us struggle with cold temperatures and limited daylight. With an outdoor enclosure attached to your home, you can enjoy the natural light much longer.  Installing an outdoor enclosure now while demand has slowed down in the industry is an ideal time.

Don’t Wait, Build Now

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Many homeowners think that cold temperatures will complicate building projects. This is simply not true. Your home can greatly benefit from a weather-resistant outdoor enclosure. It’s never too late to install one at your home. There are advantages to starting a build in the colder months.

1. Shorter Wait Times

Building an outdoor enclosure during the winter months can cut down the installation time significantly as long as the ground is not frozen. The volume of building requests is much lower, which gives contractors more time to devote to your project and complete it faster. If a permit is required for your property, it will turn around more quickly because fewer homeowners are applying during this time.

2. Personal Attention

Starting a build in the winter also offers customers much more personal attention than they might receive during busier months. Contractors who build outdoor enclosures are not as busy in the winter. They can more readily devote time to each customer, walking them through the process and answering their questions without feeling rushed.

3. Ready for Spring

You’ll be glad to have an outdoor enclosure ready to go when warmer weather arrives. Endure the winter months so the spring will be more enjoyable with family and friends. Family gatherings, relaxing with nature, or exercising on your newly enclosed patio will be well worth the wait. You can also be the first to get new spring furnishings to decorate your outdoor space. The ways you can use an outdoor enclosure are limitless.

4. Add Value to Your Home

Springtime is when most sellers put their homes on the market. Upgrading your home before you put it on the market can make it more valuable and marketable. Building an outdoor enclosure now will ensure your home is ready to go when buyers come around after it warms up.

Additional benefits of outdoor spaces are the added square footage of a home and extended living space. Porch and patio enclosures have a 72% return on investment, so they are a wise purchase.

Outdoor enclosures also add character and curb appeal to your home, adding to the attraction for prospective home buyers. Outdoor enclosures offer something new and unique that other spaces do not. Potential buyers will appreciate the bonus room to make their own with the added benefit of enjoying the outdoors year-round.

Benefits to You and Your Family

Adding an outdoor enclosure offers many benefits to your family’s quality of life. Outdoor enclosures can be built from the ground-up or on existing patios or decks. Having access to the outdoors all the time can make a huge difference in your mood and the energy in your home.

Better Quality of Life. Having a refuge where natural light is available every day will have a positive impact on your health. It will give you and your family additional space to relax and entertain. Stress levels will remain low with an outdoor enclosure.

Protects Your Patio and Furnishings. Snow, rain, and strong winds affect external surfaces. Without an outdoor enclosure, you would spend more time cleaning after every storm instead of enjoying it. With an enclosure, your patio furniture and plants are now protected from the elements.

Energy Savings. Adding an outdoor enclosure to your home is like adding an extra layer of insulation. Warm air is trapped more effectively inside your home during the winter months. This makes your home more energy-efficient because less power is required to keep it at the same temperature.

Easy Storage. Homeowners are often faced with the challenge of where to put those extra items needed at different times of the year.  During colder and wetter months, items like landscaping supplies, sporting equipment, bikes, or outdoor furniture don’t get used and must be stored somewhere to keep them dry. This often means these items will take up space in the garage or basement. With a high-quality outdoor enclosure, there’s no need to move anything during inclement weather. You can store whatever you want outdoors and know it’s protected from the elements without giving up your indoor space.

Call Today to Schedule Your Installation

Although we may already be feeling the effects of winter, that doesn’t mean it’s too late to build your outdoor enclosure. At RainTight, our patio enclosures are durable and made with the best material, aluminum. You’ll be able to enjoy the outdoors for many seasons to come.


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