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Screened Enclosures – Enjoy the Outdoors without the Pests!


If you live in the Midwest area, you know that there are many days when the weather is pleasant and conducive to being outdoors. Relaxing or dining on your deck can be a great experience, enjoying the fresh air and a view of your back yard. There’s nothing that can ruin that experience more than a deluge of mosquitoes or flies or a visit from a frisky critter.

Now you have an affordable solution to the problem! Get a RainTight screened enclosure installed on your current deck structure.  Unlike building a brand-new screened porch, you already have the foundation, so the enclosure simply surrounds it with a frame and screens that let the air in and keep the pests out. No more citronella, harmful sprays or noisy bug zappers. Just a breezy respite in the great outdoors.

Advantages of a Screened Enclosure

There are many reasons why adding a screened room onto your home will enhance your lifestyle. Here are a few:

  • Added space. A screened enclosure will expand your living space by adding an entire new room without reducing any or very little of your exterior property.
  • You get the best of both worlds. You can enjoy the outdoor breezes while being protected in an indoor environment.
  • Decreased maintenance. Because the area is enclosed, no more blowing off leaves or other debris is required. Your furniture will be protected from the extreme heat and cold and won’t fade from the sun’s harsh rays. Because the screened enclosures are made from quality, low-maintenance materials, an occasional wiping with water and a soft cloth is all that’s necessary to keep it looking great.
  • Increased safety. You can trust your children and pets to go out in the screened room without worrying about them falling over the rails or wandering off. The roof also provides protection from the harmful UV rays of the sun, so no risk of painful sunburn.
  • Improved comfort and convenience. No more flies buzzing around your head, gnats landing in your glass of wine, or mosquitoes feasting on you. You can enjoy your hot tub without cleaning out the leaves first. Watch the kiddos in the backyard pool without baking in the sun.
  • Weather-resistant. You are still able to enjoy the screened room, no matter if the sun is blazing or the rain is pouring.
  • Increased home value. If you decide to sell your home, a screened enclosure could be the selling point that makes the deal. Potential buyers like to imagine their families enjoying the home, and this feature could be the decision-maker.
  • More privacy. You won’t be as exposed to neighbors and passers-by when you’re behind the screens. The screens filter the view in, while your view outward remains clear.

A Quality Screened Enclosure

RainTight provides screened enclosures that are an affordable alternative to a brand-new screened porch. But we don’t sacrifice quality. Our enclosures meet or exceed all local and national building codes because of their high level of structural integrity. They are strong enough to hold a ceiling fan or light fixture, which adds to the aesthetic look, as well as the functionality of the room.

The frames and ceilings of our screen rooms are made from strong and durable aluminum that won’t rust and is virtually maintenance-free. It’s finished with a fine powder coating that resists scratching, chipping and peeling. The screens on our enclosures are made from fiberglass, which comes in variable mesh sizes. Both the frames and screens are available in a choice of five colors (white, linen, coastal dune, sierra, and bronze) to complement any décor. 

There are other screened enclosures that use vinyl or steel. RainTight only uses high-grade aluminum in our structures for several reasons.

  • It’s lightweight but strong.
  • It can withstand temperature changes without cracking. 
  • It’s watertight.
  • It won’t rust.
  • Colors are baked-in, not painted on.

Custom-Made for You

We custom-make all our screen enclosures. You can enclose your deck, under your deck, or even on a concrete slab adjacent to your house. No matter where it’s installed, the dimensions of the base will vary. We build the screened enclosure to precisely fit your current environment. We offer various options, including:

  • Screen openings from nine feet to 100 feet
  • Variable heights of walls
  • Pet doors can be installed in doors and walls of enclosure
  • Screens available in various mesh sizes.
  • Premium handrails installed, if requested

You can trust RainTight to install a permanent solution that you’ll enjoy as long as you live in the home.

Ways to Use Your New Space

Because you’re getting an entirely new room that you can use most of the year, there are various ways to use it. Here are some ideas:

  • Entertain. The extra space can be a way of expanding the area where you can throw a party or family gathering. Adding an outdoor kitchen or bar to the room can further expand the use of the room.
  • Escape for some quiet time. The room can be a respite to get away for some “me” time. Relax by yourself, read a book, meditate—all by yourself.
  • Have an outdoor meal without the flies and ants. You can enjoy your food without fighting off the insects.
  • Home office. You can take your laptop out in the room and get your tasks done. It will almost feel like you’re working in the park but without the hassle of pests and animals.
  • Keeping an eye on the kids. If your kids are playing in the yard or swimming in your pool, you can watch them through your screened room. No need to swelter under the hot sun if you choose not to join them in the frolicking.
  • Use it for a TV room. Instead of going to the local sports bar to watch the game, invite your cronies to your place. Enjoy snacks and a beer while rooting for your team and enjoying the outdoors.
  • Make it a playroom. Get the kids “outdoors” while keeping them protected. Move their toys and games into the screened room and they will follow. They can even use it to play their video games.
  • Make it your own. There are many options for using and decorating your new room. You can probably come up with a lot more ideas.

The RainTight Process

We know customers want to get a quality, affordable solution to their problems. They don’t want to hassle with the details, which is why we make it easy. Once we receive a request from you for a proposal, we have a simple 3-step process for all our outdoor solutions:

  • Planning. We visit your residence to assess the space. We discuss with you your goals and preferences. We answer any questions you might have. This consultation is FREE!
  • Design. We take the information we collected during our meeting with you to design a solution specific for you. We present the design and our bid to you for approval within 24 hours.
  • Installation. Once the design is approved, we prepare a schedule to install the enclosure according to the specifications. 

That’s it! From start to finish, you’ll have the outdoor space of your dreams within 4-6 weeks. We guarantee all of our work—we’re not satisfied until you are thrilled with the results.

Make Better Use of Your Outdoor Space

Expand your outdoor living space with a screened enclosure from RainTight. Imagine waking up in the morning and carrying your cup of coffee out onto your beautiful screened room. Or coming home from a long day at work and enjoying a cocktail or meal outdoors. It’s now possible to have this luxury without breaking the bank.

In addition to screen rooms, we also install underdecking systems and permanent patio covers.  All of our outdoor enclosures are built to last and provide enjoyment for many years to come.

RainTight has been in business since 2007, helping satisfied customers better enjoy their outdoor living space. Our employees have over 80 years combined construction experience, so we have the knowledge and expertise to build you an outdoor enclosure that exceeds your expectations. Our goal is to deliver a superior product at a reasonable price.  

RainTight is centrally located, with the headquarters and manufacturing facility located in O’Fallon, Missouri.  We service homeowners in St. Louis, St. Charles, Chesterfield, O’Fallon, MO, Ballwin, Wildwood, St. Peters, Kirkwood, Creve Coeur, Wentzville, and Maryland Heights.


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