Screen Wall Systems

Installing a screen room either beneath your deck or adjacent to your home is a smart way to increase your indoor and outdoor living space. In addition to this, a quality screen room that’s installed with precision can add to the overall beauty and value of your property. To reap the full benefits of your screen enclosure, though, you need to take measures to ensure that your contractor is utilizing the best materials possible. For the construction of screen room framing, aluminum is the best choice.

Choose Aluminum for Your Screen Room

Although vinyl and steel are other options for framing your screen room, you really shouldn’t even consider them. In terms of strength, durability, longevity, and appearance, aluminum outranks other materials every time. First of all, a solid aluminum frame is extremely rigid and durable, making it possible for the screen room to last a lifetime. Although strong, without protective coatings, steal will be subject to rust. Vinyl, on the other hand, tends to be extremely flimsy.While aluminum is lightweight, it is still very strong and is highly resistant to extreme temperature changes.

Aluminum can hold up well in areas that are prone to receiving heavy snow or ice, but vinyl systems wouldn’t be able to withstand these conditions. This is largely due to the fact that vinyl tends to expand and contract as the temperatures fluctuate. Over the passage of time, this can lead to cracking and gaps which will ultimately lead to leaks. Conversely, aluminum is watertight.

Aluminum is ideal for transforming your screen room into a thing of beauty, and into your own personal oasis. You can choose from various color options when selecting the aluminum that will frame your screen room. When it comes to other materials like steel or vinyl, though, you may find that they are only available in a very limited color set. Another bonus of aluminum is that the colors are baked on instead of painted, which enables you to rest assured that your aluminum won’t fade and turn the enclosure into an eyesore. This reduces the amount of maintenance and cleaning that is needed. In addition to this, the strength of aluminum makes it possible for your screen room’s roof to support fans, lights, and other accessories.

You deserve the luxury of a quality screen room. By choosing aluminum framing, you can get the most out of yours.