Raleigh outdoor enclosure

Raleigh Skyline Image courtesy of https://www.visitraleigh.com/

Raleigh, the capital of North Carolina, is a city that is part of what’s called the Triangle of North Carolina. Also included in the Triangle are the cities of Durham, Chapel Hill, and other smaller cities and towns. 

Raleigh is a great place to live, being voted #1 by UpHomes Real Estate on their list of the 12 best cities to live in North Carolina. Ranking factors for this list included cost of living, educational opportunities, and a booming job market. 

The population in Raleigh, NC increased from 290,000 people in the year 2000 to nearly 500,000 in 2019. This growth in population makes Raleigh one of the fastest-growing cities in the United States.

The demographics of the city include a mix of old and young. That’s probably because of the countless activities Raleigh offers, suited to all age groups. 

There is a wide assortment of great restaurants serving different types of cuisine for all tastes. If you enjoy nature and hiking, take advantage of the 7 nature preserves located in the city. Museums and Theaters round out the entertainment activities available.

The Wake County Public School District in Raleigh includes some of the state's best schools. There are also 10 colleges and universities located in the city, including North Carolina State University.

Enjoy Raleigh from Your Own Backyard

If you’re lucky enough to live in Raleigh, you should be making the most of its beautiful year-round weather. Enjoying the outdoors is possible without worrying about rain dampening your party or insects pestering you. 

RainTight of the Carolinas offers 3 outdoor enclosures that will heighten your pleasure, while increasing your home’s value. Depending on your needs and preferences, we have one that serves your purposes.

All of our enclosures are custom-made to fit your space. We take precise measurements, then make the structures in our facility. No subcontractors are involved to delay the process or increase the prices. 

Screen Rooms

If you have a deck, porch, or patio, we can enclose it with aluminum panels and fiberglass screens. You’ll be able to experience the outdoors, protected from the weather and pests. 

Underdeck Ceilings

We can turn that wasted space below your above-ground deck into a dry area that can be put to better use. We seal the deck floor, then install our system of gutters and panels to allow any rain or water to flow away from the area beneath it. You have two options for installation; we can install the system for you, or you can purchase a kit from us and install it yourself. 

Patio Covers

How often have you been forced inside while eating on your patio? Or does the blazing sun keep you from enjoying it? With our permanent patio cover, you can stay dry and cool while relaxing outside. 

Get the Best Outdoor Enclosures in Raleigh

Expand your outdoor living space with a high-quality enclosure by RainTight of the Carolinas. All of our structures are made from lightweight, durable aluminum. They are sturdy and require very little maintenance. 

RainTight of the Carolinas offers free consultations where we will meet with you to discuss your options and answer any questions you may have. Get the most of the beautiful Raleigh weather, right in your own backyard.