November 15

RainTight Partners With NADRA


RainTight, a leading provider of innovative rainwater management solutions, is excited to announce its recent membership with the North American Deck and Railing Association (NADRA), a trade association dedicated to promoting safety, quality, and integrity within the decking and railing industry. This strategic alliance positions RainTight to further enhance its commitment to industry best practices, staying at the forefront of technological advancements and ensuring customer satisfaction.

Founded in 2007, RainTight has built a solid reputation for designing and delivering outstanding rainwater management solutions that protect homes and outdoor living spaces against water damage caused by heavy rainfall. By specializing in high-quality gutters, downspouts, and other essential components, RainTight has helped countless homeowners take control of their rainwater management and ensure their properties stay safe, dry, and strong.

As a new member of NADRA, RainTight gains a unique opportunity to collaborate with an esteemed network of industry professionals, suppliers, and manufacturers who share a common vision—exceeding customer expectations while adhering to the highest safety, design, and construction standards.

“Joining NADRA is an exciting step towards our continuous pursuit of excellence,” said Jon Bish, CEO of RainTight. “We firmly believe that our commitment to quality products and exceptional customer service aligns perfectly with NADRA’s values. This partnership will strengthen our ability to develop cutting-edge rainwater management solutions and maintain the highest industry standards.”

RainTight’s membership in NADRA presents numerous advantages for the company and its customers. By participating in NADRA’s educational programs, conferences, and workshops, RainTight’s team will remain up-to-date with emerging trends, industry regulations, and best practices. This ongoing commitment to learning and professional development will ensure RainTight remains at the leading edge of the ever-evolving rainwater management industry. Moreover, NADRA’s rigorous certification programs provide RainTight with objective third-party
validation, further establishing their credibility and demonstrating their commitment to providing their customers with the utmost quality products and services. RainTight’s membership with NADRA reinforces its position as an industry leader, distinguishing them from competitors and validating their dedication to excellence.

For RainTight customers, this membership means added peace of mind, knowing they are partnering with a company that adheres to the highest industry standards. RainTight’ commitment to NADRA’s mission of safety, integrity, and professionalism ensures customers receive top-notch rainwater management solutions that consistently exceed expectations. RainTight’s innovative and reliable rainwater management solutions have consistently protected properties from single-family homes to commercial buildings. By joining NADRA, RainTight has gained the knowledge, support, and resources necessary to continuously elevate their offerings and outperform industry standards.

About RainTight:
RainTight is a renowned rainwater management company specializing in designing and delivering high-quality solutions that protect homes and outdoor spaces from water damage. With a commitment to excellence, RainTight provides innovative gutter systems, downspouts, and associated products that ensure properties remain safe and dry. RainTight has three installation areas.

  • St. Louis area: 221 O’Fallon Plaza, O’Fallon, MO 63366. Phone: 636-735- 7165.
  • Lake of the Ozarks area: 29545 Highway Y, Rocky Mount, MO, 65072. Phone: 636-242- 5753.
  • RainTight of the Carolinas: Troutman, NC 28166. Phone: 704-322-3055.

For more information, please visit their website at or email them at You can also request a quote here.

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