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7 Reasons Aluminum Is the Best Underdecking Material


Enjoy More Time Outdoors with an Underdeck

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The dreaded area underneath a second level deck can be transformed into a dry outdoor living space with an underdecking system. An underdecking system is made up of panels that are placed underneath the deck. It solves the issues of drainage and stability by using gutters, downspouts, ceiling panels, and support braces. 

Water is drained away from the home using a network of downspouts to move water into a gutter system. Even though each home has a different size deck, the panels are custom-cut to fit any space. 

Underdecking systems are durable and structurally sound so that homeowners can enjoy outdoor living for years to come. They provide style, quality, and value to a home. The aluminum panels used for underdecking can withstand the harshest weather conditions. 

Don’t worry about buying a certain type of patio furniture to prevent fading, moisture, or debris. With an underdecking system, everything underneath is protected. 

Why Aluminum Tops Other Materials

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Underdecking systems are versatile, coming in various colors and finishes. They can match any style or decor, from modern to traditional.  This is all possible because of the aluminum material used to build the panels.

1. Stands up to Severe Weather. Underdecking systems made of aluminum are strong enough to hold up to snow and ice. Other materials could damage and tear down under deck systems made of vinyl.

Aluminum is non-absorbent. It can also withstand extreme temperature changes without harming the system. Aluminum will not fade, rust, warp, shrink, twist, crack, or splinter as wood does when exposed to the elements. Nor does it attract mold or rot as many of the composite materials tend to do.

2. Low Maintenance. Aluminum is easy to clean and maintain. With an aluminum underdecking system, homeowners just need to hose it down with water to keep it looking new. Installation is not difficult. RainTight even offers DIY underdecking kits.

3. Extra Strength. Aluminum panels built for Raintight Decks are lightweight, yet strong. The strength of aluminum allows for customers to install ceiling fans, lights, and other outdoor accessories to transform the outdoor living area.

4. Variety of  Colors. Aluminum can be painted virtually any color imaginable. The finishes are tolerant of UV rays and do not fade over time.

5. Long-Lasting. Unlike wood, aluminum will last a long time. It is a durable material that will maintain its looks and functionality for many years. Moisture and mildew can destroy wood because moisture is absorbed easily. An aluminum underdecking system does not absorb water, instead, it collects the moisture to keep what’s underneath dry.

6.Versatility. Aluminum is easier to cut, saw, carve, and drill.  It is the ideal material to use on an underdecking system because of its versatility.

7. No Pests Allowed. As with any wood structure, termites and other insects can cause major damage. An aluminum underdeck is safe from annoying pests that can wreak havoc. 

Don’t waste the space underneath an existing deck. RainTight’s aluminum underdecking systems can transform that space into an outdoor retreat to enjoy with friends and family. 

About RainTight

RainTight Decks’ aluminum design means a stronger, longer-lasting underdecking system to enjoy for years to come. Plus, the color selection, finish options, and accessories give more customizable options than any other underdeck ceiling system. Raintight has enhanced homes since 2007 and continues to provide a better quality of life for homeowners.


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