With a population of approximately 297,000, Greensboro is the third-largest city in North Carolina. With a variety of attractions, events, and activities, you’ll always find something to do and see. Whether you’re a long-time resident, just moved there, or love to visit, Greenville is a great destination. 

More than 500 restaurants operate in this bustling city, offering a variety of cuisines. Enjoy a beer or cocktail, listen to jazz, attend a performance or concert, or laugh until your sides ache at one of several comedy clubs. There’s no reason to leave the Greensboro city limits to get the entertainment, sustenance, or adventures you’re looking for.

Visit the quaint downtown area of Greensboro to casually stroll Elm Street during designated Open Streets Hours for a pedestrian-friendly experience. You can shop the boutiques and stores, dine at one of the many restaurants, or just people-watch to while away the hours.

The Greensboro Historical Museum houses historical exhibits and events that educate visitors on the area’s history. It’s rich with details on the town’s colorful past. 

Enjoy Greensboro from Your Own Backyard

Greensboro outdoor enclosure

Greensboro Historical Museum courtesy of Wikipedia

Greensboro is a great place to live year-round. With its mild temperatures, you still get to experience the four seasons, but not the extreme highs or lows. Most of the year is conducive to spending the day outdoors. 

The only thing keeping most Greensboro homeowners from being outside is the chance for rain, sunburn, or annoying insects and pests. RainTight of the Carolinas can resolve all those issues with a custom-built outdoor enclosure made just for your home.

We offer three solutions to choose from. Any of the following options will increase your outdoor enjoyment, as well as the value of your home. Keep the inside cleaner and cooler by using your outdoor space more.

1. Screen Rooms

Similar to a sunroom, our screenrooms are enclosed with aluminum panels and fiberglass screens. You’re protected from the rain, UV rays of the sun, and pesky insects while enjoying the balmy breezes wafting through. 

2. Patio Covers

You can purchase an umbrella or awning to shade your patio, but nothing is better and lasts longer than our permanent patio covers. Made from durable aluminum, our system will keep the rain and sun out while you relax in comfort.

3. Underdeck Ceilings

Do you have a 2nd-story deck? If so, you know that the area beneath it gets wet and damp whenever it rains. By having an underdecking system installed, the water won’t go through the deck floor. Instead, it flows through the gutters and downspouts into the yard, keeping the space dry and clean. You’ll be able to use it for storage, seating, or cooking, all in dry comfort.

Trust the Experienced Professionals

Don’t waste another day inside when you can enjoy nature and an outdoor view. Relax in comfort in your new outdoor living space. 

When you RainTight of the Carolinas for a free consultation, we’ll come to your Greensboro home to assess and measure your space so that we have precise specifications. We’ll then manufacture your system in our facility, then install it for you. 

With several colors and a baked-in finish, your enclosure will add a unique look to your home, while providing decades of outdoor enjoyment. 

Contact us today to discuss your project.