Frequently Asked Questions

What are the panels made of?
The panels are 100% aluminum.

2-year warranty on labor and materials. (Local install only)

What colors are available?
There are 5 standard colors available: White, Linen, Coastal Dune, Sierra, and Bronze.

Can I put up a regular light vs. a ceiling fan?
Yes, you can put a regular flush mount light. All lights should be rated for exterior applications.

Can I put in an outlet in the ceiling?
Yes, we can put an outlet in the ceiling.

How long after I sign up will the installation be completed?
4-6 weeks or unless quoted otherwise

How long does shipping take for RainTight Kits?
10 business days

Can you work off my hand drawings?
Yes, we can work off of your drawing, but we highly recommend letting a trained estimator bid your project for accurate numbers.

How long have you been in business?
We have been in the business of underdeck water protection for 10 years, with over 80 years of construction experience.

Will powerwashing or re-staining my deck harm the underdecking?
You can power wash and re-stain your deck. Just keep in mind that if your power washer is turned up too high it may put gouges in the aluminum, or if your stain drips on the aluminum, you may have difficulty removing the stain. In most cases, we can remove paint or smears.

What about wood rot?
Wood rot happens in different scenarios. We do not create any damp areas with RainTight Decks nor do we install on decks that have existing problems.

What about leaves and clogging?
The only leaves that will make it into the system are those that can fit through the spacing of your deck boards. Very few leaves ever get into the system and if they do, a heavy rain will wash them through.

Are inspections or permits needed?
There are no inspections or permits needed to install a RainTight Deck system.