Deck & Patio Covers

Do you have an existing patio or deck that you love to spend time using, but the sun is glaring down on it? Or do you have to bring everything indoors when an unexpected downpour happens? Well, we have the solution for you.

You can enjoy your outdoor space more often and more comfortably, simply by adding a permanent cover over it. A beautiful new patio or deck cover installed by RT Construction can help you create the dry, comfortable space at your home with the structure you already have. And, to add to your outdoor pleasure, all our covers can be designed to have screens installed at the time of the original installation or at a later time.

Choosing the Right Covers

Whatever your reason for adding a cover to your home or business, choosing the right construction system is the first step. Whether you are looking to build a cover that matches your home’s existing roof line or just a clean space to enjoy the shade, RT Construction can help you with all your needs.

We offer many different cover options from a traditional wooden roof structure to our three beautiful and maintenance-free aluminum patio/deck covers.

Materials Available


RT Construction highly recommends patio and deck covers made from our high-quality aluminum. They can be installed quickly, are more durable, require less maintenance and can be easily converted to a room enclosure later. 

We offer both insulated and non-insulated aluminum covers designed to suit your budget. The structures are very durable and are engineered to last for many years. Most covers can be installed in only one day.

The aluminum structures we build are very visually appealing. They come with a baked-in enamel finish, available with an attractive textured surface in stucco or cedar-embossed finishes.

Aluminum patio and deck covers are virtually maintenance-free. Just an occasional hosing down and wiping with a cloth will keep them looking beautiful year-round.


Because some homeowners still prefer the traditional look of wood, RT Construction will install them. Wood is a beautiful choice; however, the drawbacks may be prohibitive. It costs more, requires more maintenance, and takes longer to install. Wood covers will need to be painted regularly, and they are susceptible to rot from moisture.

Benefits of Patio and Deck Covers

There are many advantages to getting a cover installed on your deck or patio. The biggest one is that you’ll get to enjoy the outdoors a lot more often! That’s because the covers provide:

  • Shelter from the Weather. You can still enjoy a meal, party or just relax outside even when it’s raining.
  • A Cooler and Shadier Spot. You won’t get sunburnt when you’re under the shade of the cover. You’ll also stay more comfortable because it deflects some of the heat.
  • Aesthetic Appeal. The attractive colors and styles can be combined to complement any type of décor.
  • Energy Savings. Because the covers are insulated and keep the space beneath cooler, they will also keep your indoors cooler. That results in less work on you’re A/C unit and more money in your pocket.
  • Versatility. If you decide you want your entire patio or deck enclosed later on, it will be easy to convert.

Ready to Enjoy the Outdoors More?

Call RT Construction to schedule a free consultation for your patio or deck cover. You’ll be amazed how much more time you’ll spend enjoying the great outdoors!