Expand Your Creve Coeur Outdoor Space

If your Creve Coeur home has an upper level deck, you probably enjoy relaxing outdoors when the weather permits. It’s a great place to barbeque, read or enjoy a morning cup of coffee. But what are you doing with the space beneath the deck?

If your answer to that question is “nothing”, you are wasting some valuable space. It could be used for storage, additional entertainment space, an outdoor kitchen—the possibilities are many. What’s keeping you from using it, though, is probably that it’s not protected enough. Your deck flooring allows water and melting snow to seep through the floor boards onto the surface below it. This can be a deterrent to fully using the space.

Raintight Underdeck Ceilings Are the Solution

Raintight provides a unique solution to keep the area under your Creve Coeur deck dry. Our underdeck ceilings can be installed under the current deck floor. The ceiling is seamless and smooth, made of low-maintenance aluminum panels. It provides a watertight barrier to the area it covers.

We custom make each underdeck ceiling to conform to the dimensions of the existing deck. Our ceiling has no pre-fabricated parts; they are all made in our facility according to individual specifications. By manufacturing the parts ourselves, we are able to better control the quality, keep costs down and produce products quicker than relying on other suppliers.

We can make a ceiling to fit underneath any deck, no matter its size or shape. These ceilings can be installed on existing decks or during initial deck construction. They keep water and melting snow from your underdeck area by funneling the water through the built-in gutter system. The water flows away from the house to keep the area dry. What you’ll get is a watertight and durable solution that is strong enough to hold fixtures like fans or lights.

Quality is Our Priority

We are proud to offer budget-friendly solutions to help you expand your outdoor living space. However, affordability does not mean we compromise on quality. Our underdeck ceilings are made from high-quality aluminum. Unlike vinyl or PVC materials, aluminum is sturdier and will not melt or sag.

The ceilings are available in five colors; White, Linen, Coastal Dune, Sierra and Bronze. You’re sure to find one that complements your current exterior décor. The color is baked in to the aluminum, not painted, which prevents fading and chipping. They are smooth and easy to clean.

Raintight is so confident in our products and workmanship that we offer a 5-year limited warranty on installation and a lifetime limited warranty on our products. We are certain that you will enjoy our solutions for many years to come.

Prefer to Do-It-Yourself?

Are you handy around the house? Do you have spare time to take on another project? If so, you can order a kit from Raintight to self-install our underdeck ceilings. The kits contain the same superior quality materials and products that we install professionally.

Get More Outdoor Space in Your Creve Coeur Home

Start enjoying more of your leisure time outdoors by getting additional outdoor space. Raintight can provide you with unique solutions that are practically maintenance-free. Schedule a free consultation to get started!