Columbia, South Carolina, touts itself as “the real Southern hot spot”, and for good reason. Located in the heart of the state, it’s a perfect mixture of traditional and futuristic style. As the state capital, it’s also South Carolina’s most populous city. 

The city of Columbia is a creative hub filled with individuals with vibrant energy and spirit. As the home of the University of South Carolina, new graduates bring fresh ideas to the city. Interspersed with old and stately buildings are fresh new start-ups and businesses. Surrounded by natural Southern beauty and charm, it’s a great place to live and work. 

Residents and visitors alike will find lots to do there as well. From nearby national parks to water sports and zoos, you’re sure to find interesting activities and events. With an unexpected food & drink scene, festivals year-round and a local shopping district, Columbia will leave you looking forward to what's next.

In 2021, WalletHub ranked Columbia as the 5th best city to start a career. This distinction makes it a great choice for new college graduates to find opportunities for lucrative employment. The decisions were based on 28 key metrics that ranged from the availability of entry-level jobs to monthly average starting salary to housing affordability.

Get the Most Out of Your Columbia Home

Columbia state house

If you’re fortunate enough to own a home in Columbia, you know how pleasant the weather usually is. The mild temperatures make being outdoors an enjoyable experience. Except, that is, when the rain decides to ruin your barbecue or the mosquitoes start biting.

Those issues can be eliminated by getting an outdoor enclosure installed by RainTight of the Carolinas. We offer three solutions to make your outdoor experience more comfortable. 

1. Screen Rooms

We’ll enclose your current deck, patio, or porch with screens and panels that allow you to enjoy the balmy breezes without worrying about getting wet, sunburnt, or eaten alive by insects. If you don’t already have a porch, patio, or deck, we can build it from scratch and enclose it with the screens 

2. Underdeck Ceilings

If you have or want an above-ground deck, the area below it cannot be used for much because of the water dripping through the deck floor. With our underdecking system in place, the gutters catch the water from the deck floor and push it through the downspouts and away from the area. You get a cleaner, drier area to use for storage, seating, or cooking. Our underdecking systems are also available in DIY kits too!

3. Patio Covers

Patios are great places to hang out unless the sun is beating down on you or it starts raining. An umbrella or canvas awning will help, but they are nothing compared to a permanent patio cover. Our covers are sturdy, low maintenance, and aesthetically pleasing. You’ll be proud to have them cover your patio.

Get More Enjoyment from Your Columbia Backyard 

Enjoy the beautiful weather in Columbia from your own backyard without the aggravation. Get a custom-made solution from RainTight of the Carolinas that’s functional, beautiful, and easy to maintain. 

All of our structures are made from lightweight, durable aluminum. They are custom made in our facility from precise measurements of your specific space, so they’ll fit seamlessly into your area. 

RainTight of the Carolinas offers free consultations where we will meet with you to discuss your options and answer any questions you may have. Give us a call today to increase your outdoor enjoyment.