Do you have an above-ground deck installed on your Carolina house? If so, what do you do with the area beneath it? 

It’s difficult to use that space under the deck for much of anything because it is not protected from the weather. When it rains or snows, the water seeps between the floorboards of the death, dripping down below. Anything or anyone that’s there will get wet in the process.

Why not change that scenario and take advantage of the shade and cooler temperatures under your deck? With an underdecking system installed, you can stay dry and comfortable. Plus, you can put furniture and other items under there without worrying about rust, corrosion, and mold ruining them.

RainTight Underdecking Systems Are the Perfect Solution

When you choose to have a RainTight underdecking system installed on your Carolina house, you’ll get a unique structure that provides a low profile, streamlined finish. We will erect a ceiling below the deck joists to seal it from water running through from above. Then we connect panels and gutters that carry that water away from the area to keep it dry. The end product is a seamless, streamlined system that will last for decades.

The underdecking system is constructed of lightweight, but durable aluminum. It’s stronger, cleaner, and lasts longer than other materials, like vinyl or wood. Plus, it’s practically maintenance free! All you need to do is wipe it down occasionally with a damp cloth to keep it looking its best. 

Custom-Made for Your Carolina House

There are no pre-fabricated parts used in our underdeck ceilings. We take precise  measurements of your area, then build the structures in our facility. We manufacture all parts in-house without the use of outside suppliers. This ensures a tight fit, allowing no water to penetrate. 

By keeping the manufacturing process in-house, it allows us to carefully oversee the production and ensure quality is built in from the ground up. The result is a high-quality product that gives our customers a unique solution that they’ll be proud to display as an extension of their Carolina home..

Great Uses for Your Underdeck

Once you have one of our underdecking systems in place, you’ll never have to worry about the weather invading the space. You’ll have extra room to use as you wish. Here are some suggestions to consider:


Get rid of some of the clutter in your garage or basement by storing lawn care equipment, sporting equipment, outdoor games, and more in your newly dry space. Since you usually use these items outdoors, why not just store them there? They’ll be protected from rust and moisture, keeping them in good condition.

Pool Deck

If you have a backyard pool, that space under your deck can be used as an extension of the pool deck. You and the kids can sit in the shade and dry off instead of dripping water inside. 


You’ll have an area where you can be outdoors, but still be protected from the sun and rain. You can put an outdoor kitchen in there, a comfy seating arrangement, bar, even electronics. Plus, our ceilings are so durable, you can hang ceiling fans or lighting for added ambiance.

Hot Tub

With a firm foundation beneath your deck, it’s a perfect location to relax in a steamy hot tub. You’re protected from rain and sun, and the area is relatively private from curious neighbors. If you have a walkout basement, ready access to the indoors makes it even more convenient.

There are many more ways you can probably think of to use your extra space. Whatever you decide, you’ll be secure in knowing that it will stay dry and comfortable, guaranteed. 

Get Your Underdecking from the Experts

RainTight of the Carolinas is your choice when it comes to underdecking solutions. You have the option of having us expertly install your system for you, or you can purchase our kits if you prefer to do it yourself. 

Either way, you’ll know you’re getting the best: a custom-made solution specifically designed for your home that will last for many years with minimal maintenance involved.

Contact us today for a free consultation.