Do you sit inside your home, wishing you were outdoors in the beautiful Carolina weather? Do you hesitate to spend time outside because of annoying bugs ruining your enjoyment? We have a solution for you! Get a screen room installed on your existing outdoor structure. 

What Is a Screen Room?

A screen room from RainTight of the Carolinas is an outdoor enclosure custom-made to fit your existing deck, patio, or porch. The “walls” consist of high-quality, lightweight aluminum frames and fiberglass screens. The materials are durable and practically maintenance-free.

A screen room can be installed on an existing structure, or built entirely from scratch. 

RainTight builds all the components at our manufacturing facility after carefully measuring your area. They are then delivered to your home and installed by us. There are no middle-men involved, which means we control the production and ensure the quality is at its best. You save both money and time by keeping the entire process in-house.

Benefits of Screen Rooms

There are numerous benefits achieved by adding a screen room to your Carolina home. Here are just a few:

Added Value

A screen room can be a factor if you plan on selling your home in the future. Who wouldn’t prefer a house with an enclosed outdoor space, when all other factors are similar? 

Increased Living Space

As an extension of your home, your screen room adds an additional area that can be used for many purposes. The Carolina weather is conducive to a screen room because of its mild temperatures. 

Reduced Utility Bills

By enclosing the room, it creates more shade, which reduces the stress on your air conditioner to cool off the house. It will run less often, saving you money in utility costs.

Enhanced Outdoor Enjoyment

No more bugs! You can sit outside, protected from rain, pests, and the UV rays of the sun. Enjoy nature and the balmy Carolina breezes in comfort and peace. You can furnish the screen room with furniture, lighting, and even ceiling fans, and be confident that they will be protected from the elements of sun and rain. 

Low Maintenance

The screen room materials are easy to clean, requiring just an occasional wipe-down with a damp cloth. The enclosed screen room also keeps out leaves and debris. No more sweeping or blowing off leaves and debris. Plus, there will be less dirt and mud tracked onto your newly-cleaned kitchen floor.


Your kids or pets can play “outdoors” while remaining safe from harm. They’ll be in a closed environment to reduce your worries about wandering off. 

Ready to Enjoy More Quality Outdoor Time?

You can probably already imagine all the uses for your new outdoor screen room. Extra space for entertaining, dining, a playroom, or just a relaxing spot to unwind--all while enjoying nature without the hassle of pesky bugs. You and everything inside the screen room are protected from rain, sun, and debris in peaceful comfort. 

When you choose RainTight of the Carolinas to install your custom-made screen room, you’ll get the best quality and satisfaction guaranteed. Call us today to arrange a free consultation to get started.