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Improve Your St. Louis Home’s Deck with an Underdeck Solution


If you’re one of the many St. Louis area homeowners with a deck, you’re likely aware of the benefits that your outdoor space provides. With a deck, you have a spot to relax, dine and entertain outdoors, enjoy the beauty of nature, and get some sunshine. However, you’re missing out on even more benefits if you do not use your deck to its fullest potential. Underdeck solution is a great way to add value to your home and enjoy your deck more.

One of the best ways to enhance the functionality and beauty of your deck is by installing a RainTight underdeck solution. Keep reading to learn how a RainTight underdeck solution can improve your St Louis area deck and how RainTight decks can help you create a beautiful, usable outdoor living space.

Creates a New Outdoor Living Space

Most St. Louis homeowners focus on making the top of their deck look nice and ensuring it’s a comfortable, relaxing place. However, many don’t realize their deck is only one part of their outdoor living space. A RainTight underdeck solution allows you to take advantage of the area under your deck, providing a new outdoor living space.

Will an Underdeck System Work For You?

If you have a second-story deck, consider installing an underdecking system. This waterproof ceiling is attached underneath the deck, and channels water away from your home, preventing potential damage. An underdeck system ensures proper drainage and stability using gutters, downspouts, ceiling panels, and support braces. St. Louis area homeowners looking to expand their indoor-outdoor living space will find underdecking a great addition.

What Makes RainTight Underdecking Superior?

RainTight uses no pre-fabricated parts in their underdeck ceilings. They custom-make each one specifically to the home and its specifications. This ensures that each underdeck ceiling fits perfectly and will completely shield all the water from the above deck. They manufacture each underdecking system in-house; no outside suppliers are used. This allows the highest production quality and ensures quality is built in throughout. 

Channels Water Away From Your Home

With a RainTight underdeck, you’ll have a dry area protected from the elements. Their underdeck system transforms the unusable space under your deck into the perfect place for outdoor entertaining, relaxing with a book or magazine, or exercising. RainTight’s underdeck system is designed to channel water away from your deck and home, so you don’t have to worry about cleaning up after a rainstorm. By installing a RainTight underdeck solution, you maximize your outdoor living area and enhance the overall appeal of your deck.

Increases Your Resale Value With Underdeck Solution

Another benefit of installing a RainTight underdeck solution is that it can increase your home’s resale value. An underdeck solution is an investment that can pay off in dividends when it comes time to sell your home.

Potential buyers will appreciate the extra outdoor living space and the fact that your deck is protected from the elements. They won’t have to worry about rain or snow ruining their deck furniture or outdoor entertaining plans. Additional outdoor living space can be a major selling point for your home. 

Provides Protected Space With Unlimited Uses  

In addition to creating an outdoor living space and increasing your home’s resale value, a RainTight underdeck solution can provide many other ways to use the area under your deck. Here are some ideas to get you started:

  • Create an outdoor kitchen – an underdeck solution can be perfect for installing an outdoor kitchen. With a dry area to work and cook in, you can cook a delicious meal for your friends and family without worrying about the weather.
  • Make a play area for the kids – if you have kids, an underdeck solution can be transformed into a fun play area. Set up a play kitchen and a drawing table, or build a fort protected from the weather.
  • Set up a workshop – If you love to work with tools, an underdeck solution can be transformed into the perfect workshop space. You’ll have plenty of room to work on your projects without worrying about the weather.
  • Enjoy a hot tub – A dry underdeck provides an optimal location and increased privacy for those looking to shield their hot tub from the elements.
  • Create a home gym – if you’re short on space indoors, an underdeck solution can be used as a home gym. You’ll have plenty of room to work out without worrying about rain or snow.

Choose RainTight for Your Outdoor Living Needs

RainTight has unique solutions that allow you to enjoy your existing deck, patio, or porch regardless of the weather. Our team has decades of experience designing and installing custom-made underdecking systems, screen rooms, and patio covers. We can create a custom design that increases the value of your home, blends seamlessly with your existing architecture, and provides years of enjoyment.

RainTight’s headquarters and manufacturing facility is located in O’Fallon, Missouri. Since 2007, we’ve served clients throughout the greater St. Louis metropolitan area. We are also pleased to serve clients in the Lake of the Ozarks region. Contact us online or at 636-242-5753 to discuss your needs and schedule a free consultation.


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