As the largest city in York County, South Carolina, and the fifth-largest city in the state, Rock Hill has much to offer. From scenic riverfront views along the Catawba River, over thirty parks, and lots of great restaurants, there is always something to see and do. Rock Hill is home to Winthrop University and many businesses, making it a prime spot to live and work. 

If you’re interested in learning more about the Catawba Indians and their culture, the Catawba Cultural Center is a must-see. You can find information about their unique way of landscaping and gardening and view some Native American handicrafts. 

Speaking of learning, Rock Hill is home to three colleges: York Technical, Clinton College and Winthrop University. With an annual enrollment approaching 6,000 students, Winthrop is a public liberal arts college founded in 1886.

Find some unique shops in “Old Town”, where you’ll see vinyl records, old-fashioned bookstores, crafts, and local brews. Or just take a leisurely stroll through Fountain Park or a self-guided tour of the YoCo Brew Trail. No matter if you live in Rock Hill or are just visiting this quaint town, you’re sure to find many things to experience and enjoy.

Enjoy Rock Hill from Your Own Backyard

Residents of Rock Hill appreciate the mild temperatures year-round. Although you still experience four seasons, they are not extreme. It rarely gets below freezing or above 90, even in the dog days of summer. Such weather conditions are very conducive to outdoor activities and enjoyment.

However, even if the temps are mild enough, you’ll still contend with the blazing sun, a downpour, or annoying insects to ruin your enjoyment. The solution? Get an outdoor enclosure installed by RainTight of the Carolinas. We offer three solutions to make your outdoor experience more comfortable. 

1. Underdeck Ceilings

The space underneath your above-ground deck can be used for a lot of things if it’s protected from rain and debris. By installing an underdeck ceiling to the bottom of your deck floor, it will keep the area beneath dry and clean. You’ll be able to safely store lawn equipment, tools, sporting equipment, or other things that are cluttering your garage. Or you can use it as a seating or eating area without worrying about getting rained out.

2. Screen Rooms

We can erect aluminum panels and fiberglass screens to create a “wall” around your patio, porch, or deck. You’ll enjoy the balmy breezes of the outdoors without getting sunburnt, mosquito bites, or rained on. It will become your go-to spot to relax, play games, entertain, or enjoy a casual meal.

3. Patio Covers

You’ll enjoy your patio a lot more when you are protected from the sun’s UV rays and a sudden downpour. Your patio furniture will also be protected, so it will remain colorful and intact a lot longer. A permanent aluminum patio cover will look attractive and last for decades.

Call RainTight for a Free Estimate

When you’re ready to turn your Rock Hill backyard into an oasis, call RainTight of the Carolinas. We’ll come to you and measure your space to ensure a solid fit. Then we’ll custom-make the enclosure you choose and install it for you. 

Our structures are all made from lightweight aluminum because it’s sturdy, durable, and very low maintenance. They come in a variety of colors to complement the rest of your house.

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