December 12

RainTight Underdeck Systems Offering 10% Off Projects Booked by Jan 31


RainTight Underdeck Systems Offers 10% Discount

Right now, it’s late fall, heading into the cold weather of winter. Many people don’t even think about adding outdoor enclosures during this time. But time does fly and it won’t be much longer before the daffodils will start blooming and the trees budding. That’s when homeowners will want to spend more time outdoors.

Outdoor Enclosures Can Increase Living Space and Increase Value

During the pleasant weather, most people enjoy getting outdoors more often. However, they may worry about sunburn, insects, or the weather ruining items that they keep outdoors. But they can get enclosures that will protect them and their belongings from these elements? Here are some examples of outdoor enclosures that can make outdoor living space more useful and pleasant.


underdeck ceiling

Also called an underdeck system or underdeck ceiling, these structures are great for adding onto a current above-ground deck. RainTight underdecking systems provide a low profile, streamlined finish to create a ceiling below the joists of the deck. The panels and gutters RainTight uses for their underdecking are all seamless, smooth-finished aluminum that is virtually maintenance-free and lasts a lifetime.

RainTight underdecking systems collect all the water from rain or snow that seeps through the deck and channels it to a gutter system away from the house. The gutters and panels are seamless, and the result is a RainTight underdecking system that stays dry underneath.



A screenroom can be installed to enclose an existing porch or deck. It’s a great way to spend time outdoors without the inconvenience of those pesky insects or critters getting in the way.  There are so many ways to use a screenroom; as a playroom, game room, extra dining space, entertaining.

The frames of RainTight’s porch screenroom are made from high quality, lightweight aluminum with fiberglass screens. They are very durable and practically maintenance-free. All materials are pre-manufactured, delivered to the home, and installed directly by RainTight.

Patio Covers

patio cover

A patio cover installed by RainTight can also be a great way to expand outdoor living enjoyment. They stay dry, protect from the sun’s UV rays, and can be used in many different ways. Install an outdoor kitchen, watch the kids play in the yard or pool, all in the comfort of the shade.

Don’t rely on temporary tent structures or awnings as a shield them from the sun on their patios. These flimsy structures can become tousled, ripped or even completely blown away by heavy winds, hail, or rain. They will also easily fade from sun exposure after a short while. Made from high-quality and low-maintenance aluminum, the patio covers will last for decades.

Don’t Wait Until Spring! 

Save 10% off any projects over $3,000 by signing up today with RainTight to have one of their screened enclosures installed in the spring, Get first on their list of projects so that outdoor enclosure will be there to enjoy when the snow melts and the grass turns green. 

Don’t waste any time! This offer is good until January 31. Contact them today to get a free quote!


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