Spend More Time on Your Maryland Heights Patio

If you’ve gone through the cost and time to have a patio built onto your Maryland Heights home, you should be relaxing on it. Watch the kids in the pool, read a good novel or just enjoy the great outdoors in pleasant weather. But you probably already have experienced the downside the great outdoors—you can get drenched in a downpour or the sun’s UV rays can be brutal.

That doesn’t mean you need to stay indoors and waste that beautiful space. Get a beautiful permanent patio cover installed by Raintight.

Advantages of Raintight Patio Covers

Raintight patio covers offer a durable and long-lasting protection for your Maryland Heights home. Unlike more temporary solutions, like umbrellas, tents or awnings, our patio covers are sturdy enough to withstand heavy winds and rain. They won’t fade in the sun. And best of all, they’ll last for many years with little maintenance.

You’ll be surprised how much cooler our covers will make your patio. They even lower your indoor temperature because the sun isn’t beating down against your home’s exterior. So, you’ll save on air conditioning utility bills.

The biggest advantage to have our patio cover installed is that you’ll be able to enjoy your patio more and therefore use it more often!

Durable and Quality Solutions

Raintight patio covers are made using only aluminum, which is sturdier and less expensive than wood. Aluminum is practically maintenance-free and can usually be installed over your existing patio in just one day. Wood covers take much longer to build and install. And, if you decide to fully enclose your patio down the road, our covers can be converted to work with that enclosure.

The aluminum materials used in our patio covers have an enamel coating with the surface available in either stucco or cedar embossed finishes. You can choose from several colors to complement your existing décor. The colors are baked in, not painted, so they won’t fade or chip. They’re a breeze to maintain and clean, only requiring an occasional light-pressure wash to rinse off dirt and debris. You can opt for insulated or non-insulated models.

Raintight’s patio covers are completely waterproof. Both of our mounted gutter systems have less area to clog and are more accessible for cleaning than the w-pan gutter. Roll-Form gutter & valance are available in cedar embossed and smooth finished. For added strength & durability, choose extruded gutter and valance.

You can choose from three different styles of Raintight patio covers; standard, midwestern and Santa Fe. Each style offers its own unique design, while maintaining the same quality throughout.

Maryland Heights Homeowners – Enhance Your Outdoor Experience

Don’t waste another beautiful day indoors! Stay dry and comfortable on your patio with a Raintight cover over it.

Raintight offers attractive and durable solutions to enhance your home’s exterior. We’re a local business headquartered in O’Fallon, Missouri, serving St. Louis, St. Charles, Maryland Heights, and other surrounding communities. We’ve been in business for over 12 years, helping our neighbors better enjoy their outdoor spaces.

When you’re ready to get started, give us a call or request a free consultation.