Enjoy Your Under Deck Ceiling at Your Lake of the Ozarks Property

Do you own a vacation condo at the Lake of the Ozarks? Or do you enjoy living at the Lake full-time? Regardless, you could benefit greatly from an under deck ceiling installed on your home or condo!

If you have an existing above-ground deck on your property, you can easily get an under deck ceiling installed by RainTight. The RainTight underdecking system is installed underneath your deck floor. The system includes seamless gutters and panels that collect all the water from rain or snow that seeps through your deck and channels it away from your house. The result is a RainTight underdecking system that stays dry underneath.

Benefits of Underdecking Systems

Just imagine how you could use that additional outdoor space on your Lake of the Ozarks property. You can probably think of some of your own, but here are some suggestions we can think of:

  • Additional storage. Because the area is protected from the rain, it stays dry. You’ll be able to store items like outdoor furniture, tools, grills and other items without worrying about the weather ruining them.
  • Entertainment space. Bring the party outdoors in the fresh air. No need to erect temporary tents or awnings in case of rain. You and your food will stay dry and comfortable.
  • Outdoor kitchen. Why heat up the indoor space when you can cook outdoors? Set up the cooking area and seating arrangements to enjoy your meal outside.
  • Kids’ play area. Set up games, a TV, books and other fun things for your kids to enjoy outdoors.
  • Just relax. Lounge in your new space with a book, a cup of coffee or a cocktail while taking in the views of the lake. Or add a hammock and take a well-deserved nap.

High Quality and Affordable Solutions

At RainTight, all of our enclosures are made from high-quality aluminum, which is much more durable than vinyl, wood, or steel. It’s lightweight, but strong. It won’t rust and is practically maintenance-free.

RainTight’s underdecking systems are custom made for each particular home and space. There are no pre-fabricated parts. Each system will fit your space perfectly and seal it securely from water on the deck above it. Each system is manufactured in-house, not contracted out. This ensures that we maintain control over the quality and also saves our customers time and money.

Our under deck ceilings are strong and sturdy enough to mount ceiling fans or overhead lights. They can usually be installed in just a few days and last for many years. And, best of all, if you decide to enclose your entire under deck in the future, our system can easily be converted to a fully-enclosed structure.

Choose RainTight for Your Lake of the Ozarks Outdoor Space

RainTight has been providing unique outdoor solutions to homeowners for over 12 years. In addition to under deck ceilings, we also install patio covers to shield you from the sun and rain. Our custom-made screened enclosures can be installed onto your existing porch, deck or patio.

Give us a call today to learn how we can transform your Lake of the Ozarks outdoor space into an beautiful, more comfortable way to expand your living area.