Stay Dry on Your Kirkwood Patio

A patio is a great outdoor space to spend relaxing in the pleasant weather. In can be a respite from your busy life where you can enjoy a book, a cocktail, or just meditating in the company of nature. But what happens when the rain starts and you’re in the middle of grilling or eating your meal? Or when the sun is just too bright and warm for a pleasant experience?

You may have considered buying a large umbrella on your patio, or a temporary tent or awning to protect you from the rain and sun. However, these additions aren’t made to withstand heavy rains and wind. They will also fade with consistent sun exposure. Depending on the quality and type of temporary cover, they may last a few years, at most.

Raintight has a more permanent and attractive solution: We can install a beautiful, functional patio cover on your existing patio. Our covers are water-tight and sturdy, so you can still be outdoors, even during a rain shower. You’ll be lots cooler with our aluminum covers blocking the sun. They can even make your indoor temperature cooler, saving you money on energy bills. So, your patio will get lots more use when you have one of our covers affixed to it. Best of all, our structures are made to last for decades.

How Our Patio Covers Work

Raintight patio covers are made strictly from aluminum. Aluminum is more durable, less expensive and requires much less maintenance than wood structures. Wood is costlier, and construction takes longer. Our aluminum patio covers can usually be installed in just one day. The covers can easily convert to a fully-enclosed structure if you decide later to do so.

If you’re thinking of the aluminum structures that you see on industrial buildings, think again. Our covers are very attractive and enhance the look of your home. They have an enamel coating with a textured surface, available in stucco or cedar embossed finishes. They come in a variety of colors that are baked in, not painted, which means they won’t fade or chip and require little maintenance. Raintight offers both insulated and non-insulated aluminum covers.

Types of Patio Covers Available in Kirkwood

Raintight offers three types of patio covers. You’re sure to find the style that fits your home style and personal preferences.

  • Standard patio covers offer all the basics described above.
  • Midwestern style patio covers offer a simplistic design that won’t overpower the style of your midwestern home. You can opt to change around the shape of the structure to make it look like your own.
  • Santa Fe style patio covers were inspired by the southwest region of the U.S. They offer an open lattice structure that complements your home’s style. These covers are composed of insulated Snap-N-Lock panel covers for superior construction, rain control, and heat resistance.

Enhance Your Outdoor Enjoyment

Be one of the many Kirkwood homeowners choosing to patio covers for their homes. Give us a call or request a free consultation to see how we can quickly install a beautiful and long-lasting cover that allows you to enjoy the outdoors.