Do you have a patio in your yard? They make great places for barbecues, picnics, and gatherings with friends and family. That is, until it starts raining or the sun’s intense heat makes it too uncomfortable to stay outdoors. 

A great way to get more use out of your patio is to shield it from the rain and sun with a permanent patio cover installed by RainTight of the Carolinas. It will convert your patio into an outdoor space that you can enjoy even on wet, hot days.

Don’t Settle for Temporary Patio Covers

There are patio covers available at big-box stores that you can erect over your patio for shade. They do offer some protection from the sun, but they are not a permanent solution. They are also not sturdy or long-lasting like those offered by RainTight of the Carolinas.

Our patio covers are made from the same high-quality aluminum that our other outdoor enclosures. We use aluminum because it’s lightweight, yet durable, long-lasting, and practically maintenance-free.

Our patio covers are custom-made to your patio’s dimensions. We don’t just put up a factory-made structure that covers part of the patio. Our covers will be made specifically to fit over your patio, so that no matter where you are underneath, you’ll be protected.

Benefits of Patio Covers

When you have RainTight install your custom-made patio cover for your Carolina home, you’ll be able to enjoy more time outdoors. Some of the many benefits of a patio cover include:

Weather Resistance

Even a light drizzle can drive you indoors if you’re out in the open. You’ll stay dry with a patio cover protecting you from the rain. You also won’t be bothered with falling leaves or debris. 

UV Protection

Our aluminum patio covers will shield you from the dangerous effects of the sun’s UV rays. 

Cooler Temperatures

Your entire patio will be shaded with our patio covers, reducing the temperature considerably. The aluminum material deflects the heat of the sun, as well. You and your patio will stay cooler even in the hottest days of the summer. 


Our beautiful patio covers come in a variety of colors, styles and designs to complement your decor. They will look like they are part of the original patio design. 

Convenient and Versatile

No more putting up and tearing down the portable covers. Our permanent covers are stable and sturdy, so you don’t have to worry about storms or heavy winds pulling them out of the ground. Plus, if you decide later to enclose your patio, it’s easy to convert it to a fully enclosed screen room.

Get Your Patio Covered by RainTight of the Carolinas

RainTight makes our patio covers from the highest quality aluminum construction right in our factory. No middle men or subcontractors are used in the process. This benefits our customers by reducing costs and time to produce the patio covers. 

Our patio covers are available in both insulated and non-insulated aluminum to meet your needs and budget. No matter which option you choose, you’ll get an attractive, functional structure that will last for decades. Most patio covers can be installed in just one day.

Don’t wait any longer to enjoy your patio in comfort and style. Contact RainTight of the Carolinas today to see how we can increase your outdoor living space. As always, our initial consultation is free of charge.