Expand Your Carolina Outdoor Living Space

Do you live in North or South Carolina, where the weather is mild, even in the winter? At its coldest, the average high temperatures are usually at least in the 50s. This temperate environment is very conducive to spending more time outdoors. Why not extend that outdoor enjoyment to your Carolina home?

Outdoor Enclosures Increase Enjoyment

Even though it rarely reaches excessively hot temperatures in the Carolinas, there are still drawbacks to being in the open when outdoors. Rain can dampen any outdoor event. Mosquitoes, insects, and the occasional bird flying overhead can turn a pleasant day into an aggravating one. Sunburns can be painful and dangerous to your health.

But by installing an outdoor enclosure, you can reduce your frustration and increase your enjoyment. Take advantage of the balmy breezes and beautiful views of nature without the hassles. Let RainTight of the Carolinas help you get the most out of your outdoor experience and increase your living space.

Durable and Aesthetic Outdoor Solutions

All enclosures installed by RainTight of the Carolinas are made from the same lightweight, yet sturdy aluminum material, which is superior to vinyl, wood and steel in durability and strength. The aluminum ceilings of our enclosures are strong enough to mount ceiling fans and lighting fixtures to add to the comfort and ambiance.

The aluminum structures are practically maintenance-free. They are available in several colors that are baked in, resisting flaking, fading, and chipping. Simply wipe them down with a damp cloth, as needed.

Options For Your Carolina Outdoor Enclosures

RainTight builds on to your existing structures to add coverage and protection. Whether you have a deck, patio, or porch, we can cover or enclose it.

Screen Rooms

RainTight of the Carolinas will enclose your current patio, deck, or porch with a system of aluminum frames and screens The fiberglass screen material is long-lasting, and the enclosure will remain functional and beautiful for years to come.

Our screened enclosures are much more affordable than building a screened porch from scratch.  The installation project can be completed in a lot less time, as well. In fact, our screenrooms can be installed and ready to use in 4-6 weeks. New construction can take several months to complete.


If you have an existing above-ground deck, the space beneath it is virtually useless. It gets wet from the water running through the deck boards. Debris accumulates quickly.

Before we install the underdecking system, we seal the floor of the deck to prevent water from seeping through. We’ll then install the aluminum ceiling and gutters that will transport the water runoff away from the area beneath.

By getting an underdeck ceiling installed beneath the deck, that space underneath can be used for many things. Some examples include storing tools, and landscaping supplies, as a shady pool deck, or as an extended seating area for guests and relaxation.

Carolina homeowners have the option of getting the underdecking system installed by RainTight or purchasing a DIY kit from us to install it yourself. The kit contains the same high-quality materials as those we install for you. We provide assistance and detailed instructions to guide you in the installation.

Patio Covers

Patios are great for barbecues, entertaining, and relaxing outdoors. However, they aren’t very enjoyable when the sun is beating down or it starts to pour. Our patio covers will shield you from the elements. Unlike the temporary solutions made from porous, flimsy materials, our durable aluminum covers are a permanent fixture. They can withstand storms, heavy wind and rain, and block the sun’s UV rays.

Choose RainTight to Expand Your Carolina Outdoor Living Space

If you live in Charlotte, Raleigh-Durham, Columbia, Greenville, Greensboro, Concord, Rock Hill, Winston-Salem, Spartanburg, Asheville, Fayetteville, Chapel Hill, or any of the nearby cities or towns, RainTight of the Carolinas has an outdoor solution for you.

RainTight has been providing unique, custom-made outdoor enclosures to satisfied customers for over 12 years. Contact us today for a free consultation to show you how we can help you increase your outdoor enjoyment without ever leaving your Carolina home.

About The Owner

Ken Griffin is the owner and general manager of RainTight of the Carolinas. He is a graduate of the University of Central Missouri and holds a bachelor’s degree in Business Management and Human Resource Management.

Ken has over 20 years of experience in sales and marketing and has been a licensed North Carolina General Contractor for over 14 years, with extensive experience in residential construction. He looks forward to helping you increase your outdoor living space with quality products and exemplary customer service.