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9 Reasons To Add A Custom-Built Deck To Your Lake of the Ozarks Home


If you’re lucky enough to own a home at the beautiful Lake of the Ozarks, you may be considering adding a custom-built deck to your property. A custom-built deck can be a great addition to any home, and the Lake is the perfect place to make it happen. Here are 9 reasons investing in a custom-built deck is a great investment.

Boosts Property Value

A custom-built deck is more than just a functional addition to your home. It’s also an investment that can pay off in a big way. According to the National Association of Realtors, adding a deck can provide a 75% return on investment. This means that not only will you enjoy your new deck, but it can also increase the value of your property. A custom-built deck can give your home a competitive edge over others. It can make your Lake property stand out and improve its overall appeal, translating to higher offers and a quicker selling process if you ever decide to move.

Unmatched Durability

When building a deck in an area like Lake of The Ozarks, durability is key. The harsh elements and unpredictable weather can take a toll on even the most sturdy decks. That’s where a custom-built deck comes in. Unlike pre-fabricated decks, custom decks are built to withstand the unique weather conditions of this area. They’re constructed using high-quality, weather-resistant materials that withstand harsh winds and heavy rains. This ensures that your deck will last for years and gives you the peace of mind of knowing that you’re making a wise, long-term investment.

Enhances Your Outdoor Lifestyle

A custom-built deck can transform your outdoor living space into a luxurious retreat. Whether you’re looking to host summer barbecues or relax by the Lake, a custom deck can provide the perfect setting. You can choose from a range of materials, colors, and styles to create a deck that reflects your taste and complements the existing features of your home. A custom deck can also be designed to include a variety of features, such as built-in seating, planters, and outdoor lighting, to make your space even more functional and beautiful. With a custom deck, you’ll have an outdoor oasis perfect for relaxation and entertainment.

Superior Craftsmanship

One of the most significant benefits of investing in a custom-built deck is the superior craftsmanship that comes with it. A custom deck is built to your exact specifications. It considers your personal preferences, needs, and the unique features of your property. This means that you’ll have a tailor-made deck for your home that looks like it was always meant to be there. 

You’ll also have the opportunity to work with a team of experienced professionals who can guide you through the process and provide expert advice on everything from materials to design features. With a custom deck, you’re not just getting a deck – you’re getting a work of art that reflects your unique vision and style.

Increases Functionality

Get the most out of your outdoor space. A custom-built deck can also increase the functionality of your outdoor space. Whether you’re looking to create a cozy nook for intimate gatherings or a spacious area for large parties, a custom deck can be designed to make the most of your available space. You can also incorporate features like built-in storage, outdoor kitchens, or a hot tub to make your deck more functional and enjoyable. With a custom deck, you’ll have a space that’s beautiful and stylish but also functional and practical.

Greater Control Over Design

Another benefit of a custom-built deck is the greater control that you’ll have over the design process. With a pre-fabricated deck, you’re limited to a few designs and materials. But with a custom deck, the sky’s the limit. You can work with your contractor to design a deck that’s uniquely yours. You can choose from a range of materials, styles, and colors to create a deck that perfectly reflects your taste and complements the style of your home. With a custom-built deck, there’s no need to compromise on design – you can create a deck that’s precisely what you want.

Cost-Effective Solution

While a custom-built deck may be more of an upfront investment than a pre-fabricated deck, it can be a cost-effective solution in the long run. This is because custom decks are built to last and require much less maintenance and repair over time. They’re constructed using high-quality materials resistant to weather damage, insect infestations, and other common issues plaguing lesser-quality decks. This means you’ll save money on maintenance and repair costs in the long run, making a custom-built deck a smart long-term investment.

Improves Curb Appeal

Your home’s curb appeal is the first thing that people notice. A custom-built deck can improve your home’s curb appeal and make a lasting first impression. It can add character and charm to your home, making it more attractive to potential buyers and visitors. A custom deck can also be designed to complement the style and features of your home, creating a cohesive look that ties everything together. With a custom deck, you can take your home’s curb appeal to the next level and make a lasting impression.

Increases Marketability

If you consider selling your home in the future, a custom-built deck can make your property more marketable. According to a National Association of Home Builders survey, outdoor living spaces are one of the top features home buyers look for when purchasing a home. A custom-built deck can give your home the edge it needs in a competitive Lake of  the Ozarks real estate market. It can make your property stand out and increase its overall value, making it more attractive to potential buyers and helping it sell faster.

The Bottom Line

A custom-built deck is an excellent investment that can pay off in a big way. It can increase the value of your property, enhance your outdoor lifestyle, and give you a space that’s uniquely yours. If you’re considering investing in a custom-built deck, don’t hesitate. With so many benefits to offer, it’s a choice that you won’t regret.

Choose RainTight for Your Outdoor Living Needs

RainTight has decades of experience designing and installing custom-made decks, underdecking systems, screen rooms, and patio covers. We can create a custom design that increases the value of your home, blends seamlessly with your existing architecture, and provides years of enjoyment. RainTight’s headquarters and manufacturing facility is located in O’Fallon, Missouri. Since 2007, we’ve served clients throughout the greater St. Louis area. We are also pleased to serve clients in the Lake of the Ozarks region. Contact us online or at 636-242-6202 today to discuss your needs and schedule a free consultation.


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