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10 Benefits of Turning Your Deck into a Screen Room


Your home should be a comfortable refuge that enhances your lifestyle, both inside and outside. With people spending more time than ever at home, many are looking for ways to adapt their outdoor spaces for year-round living and experts agree this trend is likely to continue well into the future.

Enjoy the Outdoors without the Hassles

turn deck into screen room

Many homeowners want an outdoor living space for dining, entertaining, and relaxing with family and friends. Unfortunately, rain, heat, and insects often cut short many backyard barbecues and other outdoor activities. If you aren’t using your deck as much as you would like, adding a screen room can increase the amount of time you spend enjoying your backyard rather than battling the elements.

Here are ten ways adding a screen room to an existing deck can benefit you and your family.

1. Protection from UV Rays 

Hot and sunny summer days take a toll on people and pets. Too much exposure to harmful UV rays can lead to serious health problems. The shaded space a screen room creates allows your family to spend more time outdoors while decreasing the possibility of sunburn and other heat-related problems.

2. Keep Insects at Bay

Gnats, mosquitoes, flies, and other insects can quickly ruin outdoor activities. Insect repellents are smelly and have to be frequently reapplied. A screen room serves as an effective shield, defending you and your family from annoying insects without resorting to pesticides and insect repellents.

3. Protection from the Elements

Rain, wind, and excessive heat often keep us from enjoying our backyards as much as we would like. A screen room creates a shelter that protects against the weather, allowing you and your family to enjoy more time outdoors. 

4. Additional Living Space

A screen room added to an existing deck provides a functional outdoor living space easily accessible from your home. Screen rooms blur the line between indoors and outdoors, allowing you to enjoy the best of both worlds. With the addition of ceiling fans, televisions, and comfortable furniture, a screen room becomes an ideal space for entertaining, dining, relaxing, reading, or enjoying your morning coffee.

5. Outdoor Privacy

If you have neighbors who overlook your backyard deck, you may feel like you’re on display every time you step outside. Enclosing your deck offers additional privacy and protection while allowing you to enjoy the outdoors. The screens make it hard for others to see in while your view remains unobstructed.

6. Energy Efficiency

Screen rooms that shield your home’s windows from direct sunlight help cool the interior of your home, reducing cooling costs. A screen room can significantly reduce energy usage on hot, sunny days as well as help protect indoor furnishings from damaging UV rays.

7. Sheltered Playroom

Screen rooms make ideal play areas. Children have the benefits of being outdoors without the danger of sunburn and insect bites. Whether for toys, art projects, gaming, or other activities, a screen room can become an ideal play area for both children and adults.

8. Less Maintenance

With a screen room, you can stop the annual power washing, painting, staining, and sealing of your deck. Your outdoor furniture and cushions stay dry and protected. A screen room will still need occasional cleaning, but the screens will block most outdoor debris, making cleaning far less time-consuming.

9. Year-Round Outdoor Living

With the addition of ceiling fans to keep things cool in the summer and heaters for chilly fall days, many homeowners find they can use their screen room throughout the changing seasons. For homeowners in regions with mild winter temperatures, using a screen room throughout all four seasons is possible.

10. Added Value

Screen enclosures are a popular home addition, which means adding one to your home will likely increase its market value. Homebuyers want flexible outdoor living spaces more than ever. A well-constructed screen room will make your property stand out from others when it’s time to sell.

Ready to Enjoy More Quality Time Outdoors?

RainTight of the Carolinas builds and installs custom-made screen rooms. We can enclose your patio, deck, or porch with a structure constructed of high-quality fiberglass screens and aluminum support beams. The aluminum we use will not fade, rust, sag, or melt, and the colors are baked on, which means you won’t need to repaint.  All of our screen rooms are designed to be durable, low-maintenance, and stylish. 

Don’t waste another season without enjoying the great outdoors from your own backyard! We will work with you to custom design an enclosure that fits your space and complements your home’s architectural style. When you choose RainTight of the Carolinas to install your custom-made screen room, your satisfaction is guaranteed. 

We serve customers in a roughly 200-mile radius from Charlotte, North Carolina. Call us at (704) 322-3055 to schedule a free consultation.


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