July 20

9 Ways to Turn Your Backyard into a Resort-Inspired Retreat


Are you looking for a way to give your backyard a resort-style makeover? There are plenty of decor options to transform the extra space behind your house into a luxurious backyard retreat. Depending on your needs, you can create the outdoor space your friends and guests will envy.

Upgrades that Increase Outdoor Enjoyment

If you can’t leave your home and go on vacation, bring resort-style living to you. There’s already plenty of sunshine to make your outdoor space feel like you're headed to the beach. Here are some suggestions to get that special outdoor retreat you’ve always wanted.

pool area
1. A Pool and Lounge Area

If you enjoy spending time in the water, a pool is an investment you should consider. Installing a pool can transform a dull backyard into a perfect luxurious retreat. The benefits of having a pool right at your home include additional opportunities for parties, physical activity, aesthetics, and a mental health boost.

If you already have a pool, add a relaxing poolside lounge area where you can lie down, read a book, or drink your favorite cocktail. To get the resort-like look, opt for pool chairs and loungers with thick cushions. Outdoor umbrellas are useful if you need some shade.

An even better solution to umbrellas is a permanent patio cover that blocks out sun and rain. You can dry off from your swim without worrying about sunburn. If there’s a sudden summer shower, you can retreat in comfort waiting for the rain to pass.

2. Hang a Hammock

Whether you read, nap, or just hang out in a hammock,  the swinging motion helps relieve stress. Hanging a hammock will give you that resort feel and aid in better mental health. It can lull you to sleep and or aid in meditation.

3. Water Feature Relaxation

Soothing sounds of running water relax the mind. Water features also can help drown out the noise of the neighborhood. Outdoor fountains can provide peaceful tranquility. Make sure to match your selection with the other outdoor furniture and décor.

4. Landscape Lighting

Resorts are great at luring guests into spending more time in outdoor spaces. A great lighting system is crucial to securing a relaxing, luxurious atmosphere for the backyard. Illuminate your backyard paths, trees, and plants.

Examples of lighting include task, accent, and outdoor rope lighting. Outdoor rope lights can line fencing, steps, trees, and more.  Lighting strands can help illuminate umbrellas, dining areas, and walkways. They will give your backyard a festive ambiance.

5. Add Fire

A fire pit adds warmth and a cozy feel to your backyard retreat. They are made to fit into any budget, patio size, and lifestyle. It can encourage your family and guests to stay outside and enjoy the day or evenings, even when the weather turns chilly.

6. Outdoor Bar

Step up your outdoor entertaining by adding an outdoor bar. You can have insulated wine refrigerators, sinks, keg taps, and more. Another option that is arguably more convenient and cost-effective is an outdoor bar cart that can be wheeled from space to space.

7. Dine Outside

Outdoor kitchens are gaining popularity as they allow homeowners to cook while spending more time in their resort-style retreats. They are also a hotspot of social engagement and other fun activities.

Set up a proper dining table outside. To extend the resort-style look outside the kitchen, set the dining table with placemats, cloth napkins, a vase of flowers, candles, and flatware just like a resort would. Add a few decor items to liven up your outdoor dining space. Be sure to have enough side tables near lounge chairs for you and guests to set drinks and food plates on.

8. Spruce Up Planting Areas

Resort landscaping mimics the surrounding area or is designed in line with a particular theme. A sure way to add a resort feel is by tastefully placing colorful flowers and different types of plants everywhere.

9. Add a Deck

Besides offering you extra space and a place for leisure, a deck is also a long-term investment with high returns. It is an ideal solution for those who want to stay stylish and comfortable while spending more time outdoors.

Consider installing an underdecking system to keep your area dry year-round. Having your deck and underdecking system installed by a professional contractor is crucial in ensuring its functionality and impressive lifespan.

Trusted Outdoor-Living Professionals

Need to update your backyard space? The outdoor living specialists at RainTight can ensure your outdoor parties are enjoyable and protected from the elements.

Our underdecking systems, patio covers, and screen rooms can give you that resort look you’ve dreamed of. We can use your existing deck or create an entirely new patio. The service and workmanship we provide are top-notch.

Give us a call to schedule a consultation and we can get started on making your backyard the oasis you’ll love to visit.


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