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5 Ways to Use Your New Screen Room


If you are considering the idea of adding an outdoor living area to your home, you want to invest in creating a space that’s as functional year-round as possible. If you live in North or South Carolina, where the weather is mild, even in the winter, a screen room may be the right choice. 

A screen room allows you to enjoy fresh air without being overwhelmed by bugs, heat, humidity, and afternoon rain showers. With the addition of a ceiling fan or outdoor heater, your family can enjoy a screen room throughout the changing seasons.

A screen room is often the least expensive, simplest form of a protected indoor/outdoor living space. They can be added to existing patios, porches, decks, or built as a completely new space. Screen rooms allow you and your family to enjoy the outdoors while being protected from the elements. You get to enjoy the health benefits of outdoor living without the drawbacks. 

Enjoy the Outdoors in Your Personalized Space

screen room

With the addition of electrical outlets and other conveniences, a screen room can serve many purposes. Homeowners often find that a screen room built on top of your patio, porch, or deck provides extra space for a variety of activities. Using durable outdoor furniture with built-in storage can keep crafts, toys, games, and dining supplies out of sight when not in use. 

Here are five popular uses for screen rooms:

1. Seating 

Screened porches have long been used for entertaining family and friends in a comfortable outdoor space. A few chairs, cushions, and side tables are all you need to create extra seating to enjoy the fresh air while avoiding pests, harmful UV rays, and inclement weather.

2. Dining

Whether for your immediate household or guests, a screen room located off of your kitchen makes an ideal spot for dining. With the additional space, hosting friends and family comfortably for meals is easier. Alfresco dining near an outdoor grill station is also more convenient since insects and rain don’t interfere with your outdoor dining plans.

3. Work

A screen room can become an ideal space for people who work from home but want to enjoy some fresh air. Rather than trying to replicate a traditional office environment, a comfortable outdoor table and chairs will last a long time and can be used for working on a laptop, homework projects, dining, and other activities.

4. Entertainment 

Many homeowners like to take advantage of the extra space and install a television or projection system for movie nights and football games. Adding a pool table or other games can also maximize the entertainment potential a screen room offers families. 

5. Sleeping 

Before the advent of air conditioning, sleeping porches were popular in the South and West. It was cooler to sleep outside rather than suffer inside stuffy bedrooms on hot summer nights. Today, kids (and some adults) still enjoy the thrill of “sleeping out” on a screen porch. Outdoor furniture designed for both sitting and sleeping is now widely available for just this reason.

Designing Your Screen Room

Although the most common uses for screen rooms are living and dining spaces, you can get creative and think about your household’s specific needs. A screen room can easily be transformed into just about anything - a den, playroom, pet area, exercise space, hot tub enclosure, guest room, or a versatile space that works for different needs at different times. 

There are several factors to consider when planning your screen room addition including:

Space and Design

It’s important to consider how much space you have available and determine how you will be using your screen room. Some homeowners build an enclosure that isn’t large enough for their actual needs. 

An empty space that seems large can quickly become cramped when filled with furniture, equipment, and people. Many homeowners prefer combining an enclosed screen room with an open patio, deck, or ground space for grilling and sitting out in the sunshine or under the stars.

Aesthetics and Privacy

Screen rooms should match the aesthetic of your home, boost curb appeal and add value. When a screen room is added to an existing home, it should look like an original part of the home. A screen room designed with maximum privacy from neighbors and passers-by is usually preferred by both current and prospective homeowners.

Safety and Security

Safety and security for young children and pets should also be a consideration when adding a screen room. Doors and latches should all be designed to keep kids and pets safe. Tailoring the height of walled sections can help keep small children and pets safer while providing more privacy.

Why Get Your Screen Room from RainTight?

First and foremost, we only install high-quality, custom-made screen rooms. By having RainTight of the Carolinas install your screen room, you’ll enjoy the following benefits:

  • Customization - We custom build our screen rooms to your specifications. Your screened enclosure will either fit over your existing deck, onto your porch or patio, or be designed and constructed from the ground up. You’ll be able to select color options that ensure your screen room complements the rest of your home and adds value to your property.
  • Low-Maintenance - Unlike vinyl and wood, the aluminum we use to construct our screen rooms will not fade, rust, sag, or melt, and the colors are baked on. This means you won’t need to repaint your enclosure or replace any structural components.
  • Longevity and Durability - All of our screen rooms are built with durable materials that are designed to last a lifetime.

Don’t wait any longer to begin enjoying the great outdoors in a more comfortable atmosphere. Call us today at (704) 322-3055 to schedule a free consultation and learn how our screen rooms can enhance your outdoor living options. 

RainTight of the Carolinas serves customers throughout the greater Charlotte, North Carolina region including Asheville, Hickory, Winston-Salem, and beyond. In South Carolina, we serve customers in Rock Hill, Spartanburg, Greenville, Columbia, and Florence. Call us today for a free estimate to get started on your project.


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