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Keep Belongings Dry with Underdecking


Nowhere to store your garden tools, bikes, lawnmower, or outdoor sporting equipment? Take advantage of the extra space underneath your deck. If you’ve got an elevated deck, there is a solution for you to store your items just in time for winter: underdecking. Nothing will get wet with an underdeck ceiling protecting it.

It would be challenging to have storage space that is constantly exposed to leaking water and moisture. You can store your items all year-long with an underdecking system in place. It will keep the space beneath your deck dry in heavy downpours or snowfalls.

How Does Underdecking Work?

underdecking storage

Creating a dry storage space means providing a waterproof barrier between the decking boards and space below.  Underdecking is a simple drainage system designed to keep any water runoff at bay. An under-deck system will drain water away from the deck by using a network of trim, gutters, downspouts, and ceiling panels.

This creates an area under the deck that stays dry and free from the elements. Even though each home has a different size deck, the ceiling panels are custom cut to fit any space. For homeowners, this increases their outdoor living and/or space. Once the system is installed, homeowners can add utilities for lighting, ceiling fans, furniture, and more.

The dry space under the deck is a great spot to use for storage. Underdeck systems solve the issues of drainage and stable construction by building an area capable of weathering a storm, while also safely housing your family, outdoor furniture, and fixtures.

Underdecking Storage Benefits

Installing an underdeck ceiling allows homeowners to use their outdoor space much more efficiently than a deck can on its own. As a dry area under your deck, it maximizes the usable space of what you already have. Not only can an underdeck system expand your living space, but it also offers a shaded, waterproof area to protect your belongings from rain and snow.

Don’t worry about buying a certain type of patio furniture or piece of equipment to prevent fading, with an underdecking system, everything underneath is protected. Instead of buying or building a shed for extra storage, invest in an underdeck ceiling to keep your lawn and landscaping equipment, tools, and sports equipment safe and dry.

1. Stands Up to Severe Weather

Underdecking systems made of aluminum, like those offered by RainTight, are strong enough to hold up to snow and ice. The aluminum is non-absorbent, and the structure can withstand extreme temperature changes without harming the system.

Aluminum will not fade, rust, warp, shrink, or splinter as wood does when exposed to the elements. Nor does it attract mold or rot as many of the composite materials tend to do.

It also prevents the substructure from rotting and wood decay. It is worth the investment to ensure the deck substructure lasts as long as the decking it supports.

2. Low Maintenance

Underdecking systems are easy to clean and maintain. With an aluminum underdecking system, homeowners just need to occasionally hose it down with water to keep it looking new.

3. Variety of Colors
The trim and ceiling panels are available in several colors to match your existing decor. The finishes of aluminum underdecking are tolerant of UV rays and do not fade over time.
4. Long-Lasting

Underdecking will maintain its look and functionality for many years. Moisture and mildew can destroy a wooden shed because moisture is absorbed easily. An aluminum underdecking system does not absorb water, instead, it collects the moisture to keep your valuables underneath dry and protected.

5. Pest-free
With an enclosed storage shed, wasps and rodents like to make them their home. Not only are insects a nuisance to you, but they can contribute to the deterioration of the shed.

Standing water and moisture attracts mosquitoes. With an underdeck ceiling, there is no water to form standing water inside your storage space. You won’t have to worry about pesky insects making a home out of your items.

Transform Your Unused Space

Ready to turn your unsightly lower patio into a spectacular entertaining outdoor space or storage area? RainTight has been assisting homeowners with underdecking installation for years. If you’re inclined to take on a DIY project, we also offer underdecking kits for your convenience.

RainTight has enhanced homes since 2007 and continues to provide a better quality of life for homeowners. Our deck experts can work with any space and make it your own. No need for more weather cancellations or storing everything in the house due to rain. With an underdeck system, you can still have your parties, rain or shine. Contact RainTight today for a free consultation.


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