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How an Underdecking System Works


Ready to fix the wet and dark space below your second level deck? If so, consider installing an underdecking system to keep this space dry for you to enjoy year-round with no interruptions.  Stop wasting outdoor space that could be put to use for multiple purposes.  Raintight offers a simple solution by creating a unique and functional system.

What Is an Underdecking system?

Simply put, an underdecking system is a waterproof ceiling attached underneath a second-level deck. Water is collected from rain or snow that falls on the upper deck and is channeled to a gutter system away from your home.

The drainage system keeps water from leaking onto the area below your deck, leaving a dry cool space for you and your family to enjoy for years to come. It can be easily installed onto any new or existing deck.

Components Used to Make the Underdeck Work

An underdecking system is an efficient use of space so that you can enjoy the outdoors even when it rains. RainTight custom makes each system to match the home and the specifications of its existing deck. This ensures that the underdeck ceiling fits perfectly.

Underdeck panels

Measurements must be taken of your existing deck before any underdeck parts are made. Once these have been determined, the panels can be fabricated to fit underneath to create the underdeck ceiling.

When it rains or snows, the water falls between the slots of your existing deck and lands on the underdeck panels. The rain is captured and completely shields the space below from getting wet from the deck above it.

You can choose a color to match the decor and architecture of your home. The panels also come with matching trim for a beautifully finished look.


Gutters are essential on the roof of any home to keep water away from the house. Water that is not channeled properly ends up falling directly around your home and can put pressure against the foundation. This can result in seepage into your basement or crawlspace. You can also experience damage to the siding of your home which can lead to mold or wood rot.

Similarly, an underdecking system has gutters that channel the water after it falls on the panels and directs it to the attached downspouts.


A downspout is simply a hollow tube that runs from your gutter to the ground. It's designed to carry the water that is collected in the gutter safely down the side of the house and away from the deck and foundation. Downspouts can be a very important tool for preventing water damage. A properly working drainage system is essential to avoiding moisture and corrosion in your home.

Downspouts on the underdeck are made from the same durable aluminum material as the gutters and panels, giving the entire underdecking system a uniform look.

Underdecking Material

The best underdecking material is aluminum for many reasons. RainTight panels, gutters, and downspouts are made of smooth-finished aluminum that is virtually maintenance-free and lasts a lifetime. Heavy-gauge aluminum will hold up to any amount of rain or snow.

There are several advantages to using aluminum in underdecking systems, as opposed to other materials, like vinyl.

  • Can withstand changes in precipitation and temperatures
  • Can be created from recycled materials
  • Little to no maintenance required
  • Easier to install
  • Can be cut to any size

Benefits of an Underdecking System

An underdecking system provides benefits that homeowners can enjoy for years to come.

1. An Extra Outdoor Living Space 

Once your underdeck is installed, you will be able to enjoy this added living space with family and friends. It is also versatile in that it can be customized to fit your lifestyle and decor. Homeowners can add utilities for lighting, ceiling fans, entertainment centers, and more.

2. Keeps Your Patio Dry

An underdeck system is designed to drain water away from the deck.  If it rains you can still enjoy being outdoors without getting wet. Your patio will stay dry, clean, and inviting.

3. Minimal Maintenance

The only real maintenance required for underdecks is removing debris that can accumulate over time. They can be cleaned by simply removing each panel and washing it down with a water hose.

Ready to Enjoy the Outdoors?

You may have never thought of using the space below your deck, but now you can with an underdecking system. RainTight can provide your home with greater outdoor living space that remains dry when it rains. Our product is custom made to fit any size and type of deck. Contact us for a free consultation or order your kit today!


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