June 12

Enjoy Your Staycation with a New Screen Room


During the last few months, most of us have experienced a different normal. Social distancing has kept us at home more than ever before. Why not make it more pleasant and enjoyable by adding a screen room to your home?

Of course, you’ll miss the ocean and fun activities that you can experience at some seaside beach resort. But most of us don’t want to risk the chance of contracting the dreaded COVID-19 virus, so we’re spending much of our time at home. Why not make the best of the situation and spend the money you would have spent on that vacation on a new screen room?

The pleasure you’ll get from your new outdoor addition will last a lot longer than a week at the beach. There will be many opportunities and ways to use your new space this summer and into the fall.

Staying at Home in Your Added Outdoor Space

outdoor space

Screen rooms can be used in a variety of ways. You can decorate yours in the style that suits you and your personality, and according to its intended use. You’re limited only by your imagination.

Sheltered Playroom

You can set up your screen room as a play area for your children. They’ll be “outdoors” without the danger of sunburn or being able to wander off. Install a TV in the screen room and they can play video games or watch movies. They can have a “campout” without worrying about bugs or other creatures invading their space.

Safe Place for Pets

Pets can enjoy the outdoor area without you worrying about them running out of the yard or into traffic. Put Fido’s toys and bed in the screen room and he’ll think he’s in outdoor heaven. Add a cat tree so Fluffy can enjoy watching the birds in her outdoor space (without actually catching them as your reward).

Outdoor Dining

Imagine being able to eat outdoors without getting bugged by pests. You can enjoy breakfast, lunch or dinner in pest-free comfort.

Relaxing Respite

Get some fresh air while relaxing with a book. Or just enjoy a cup of coffee or glass of wine in your outdoor haven. It’s like going to the park without the noise and pesky bugs bothering you.

Advantages of Having a Screen Room Installed

There are many advantages to getting a screened enclosure installed on your home. The top 3 are:

  1. No more bugs! The screens will let the fresh air flow through, while keeping the mosquitos and flies at bay. You’ll enjoy an unobstructed view pest-free.
  2. Protection from the elements. Your enclosed room is sheltered from the blazing sun and pouring rain. Even in the winter, you won’t need to worry about shoveling snow off the enclosure.
  3. Added home value. If you decide to sell your home, having a beautiful screen room will be an attractive addition to buyers.

RainTight Builds Custom-Made Outdoor Enclosures

RainTight offers three different types of outdoor enclosures, including:

  • Underdecking System. This is a system installed underneath your above-ground deck to keep the area beneath it dry. The deck floor is sealed and a guttering system installed beneath it that catches rain and moves it away from the area.
  • Screen Rooms. We can enclose your patio, deck, or porch with a structure that includes fiberglass screens and support beams. You can enjoy the outdoors without the annoying pests and critters.
  • Patio Covers. We install a permanent cover over your patio that protects you from the harsh sun and rain. You’ll be surprised how much more often you sit outdoors afterward.
underdeck with pool

The frames of all RainTight structures are made from high quality, lightweight aluminum with fiberglass screens. They are very durable and practically maintenance-free. All materials are pre-manufactured, delivered to your home, and installed directly by RainTight. Each structure is custom made to your home’s specifications.

If you wish, you can also elect to install the underdecking system yourself. RainTight will use your measurements and design a custom kit specifically for your home. Detailed installation instructions are available on their website, and RainTight personnel will be available to answer any questions you may have.

Start Enjoying the Great Outdoors in Your Own Backyard

Don’t wait another day to expand your horizons. You don’t need to travel across the country to enjoy nature when you can do it in the comfort of your own home.

Give RainTight a call today to learn more about how we can make your outdoor space an oasis.


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