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A New Screen Room Is Ideal for Outdoor Enjoyment


A New Screen Room is Ideal for Outdoor Enjoyment

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Homeowners who need to add more living space to their properties without breaking the budget may want to look into screen rooms.  A screened-in porch or patio is an affordable way to expand your home and its value.  It is also beneficial to enjoying the outdoors without swatting insects away or having to end an outdoor party due to rain.

What Is a Screen Room?

A screen room is a home outdoor enclosure that can be added to an existing patio, porch, or deck. It can also be built as a new space. It is a very affordable option for your home, providing you with an extra protected living space.

Benefits of a Screen Room

  • Added living space
  • Keep pesky bugs and insects out of your way
  • Cleaner space by preventing yard debris, leaves, and sticks inside
  • Low maintenance
  • Increase in home value and appeal
  • Decrease in energy bills due to shade and a cooler interior
  • Protection from the weather
utilize your screen room

10 Great Ways to Utilize Your Screen Room

Perhaps the largest benefit is that screen rooms can have a variety of uses. This versatile area can effortlessly turn into the space of your dreams with a little thought and a few pieces of furniture. Whether you have an existing screened-in porch or are considering adding one to your home, the possibilities are endless.

  1. An Outdoor Office

    Instead of heading to the library or coffee shop, walk into your screened-in home office. Just add a desk, your laptop, and good lighting.
  2. Living/Playing Quarters for Pets

    If your pets need a place of their own, a screen room is the perfect space. It is the perfect space for your pets to roam around and play. You can add their food and water, toys, treats, and beds as well.
  3. A Room for Guests

    You could make your screen room into an extra bedroom for guests.  Air mattresses, sleeping bags, or seating that converts into a bed could be used to rest their weary bodies. 
  4. Child’s Playroom

    Your children will never leave your screen room with all the fun they’ll have playing with their friends.  Add a table and chairs for snack time. Let their imagination run wild by playing make-believe with the outdoors as the backdrop. Always remember to supervise them .
  5. Explore Your Hobbies

    Let your creativity shine through while pursuing your hobbies. A screen room can be your designated space for painting, sewing, music, or scrapbooking.  Keep supplies in storage bins.  Set up a table, a comfortable chair, and relaxing music to create a masterpiece.
  6. Game Day

    Turn your screen room into a sports bar to watch your favorite sporting events. Decorate with sports memorabilia, bar tables, and stools.  Prepare your favorite snacks and drinks to make this the ultimate watch party.
  7. Party Time

    You can host birthday bashes for the kids or a wedding anniversary party for your parents.  Any type of celebration can be done in a screen room. The best part is even if it rains, the party continues.
  8. Relaxation

    Had a long day or long week? You can use your screen room as a way to escape and relax. You can read a good book. Or hang a hammock and doze off listening to the rain. This will become your favorite place in your home.
  9. Holiday Feasts

    Want to have another space for outdoor dining? A screen room is the perfect solution. Install cabinets and a small sink to create a small kitchenette to make hosting easier.
  10. Family Time, Any Time

    Screen rooms are the perfect place to spend quality time with your family. Watch your favorite TV shows or cartoons.  Play Scattergories or read to your children.  Use your screen room to create lasting memories with your family.
best material for a screen room

Best Material for A Screen Room

Although wood or vinyl frames can be used to construct your screen room, aluminum is the best choice.  It is durable, yet lightweight. Aluminum framed screen rooms require very little maintenance. It will not fade, rust, or melt.  You can choose from a variety of colors that will last because they are baked into the aluminum frame. This ensures you will not have to repaint.

Need More Outdoor Space?

Don’t wait for another season to enhance your home. Allow RainTight to give you the home enclosure that best fits your space. We will help you design your outdoor living space the way you envisioned it to be. Contact us today for a free consultation.


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