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There are few things more wonderful and inviting than enjoying some fresh air on your patio, as you read a good book or gather with your friends and family. Many savvy homeowners choose to enhance this experience by installing attractive and practical patio covers. Aluminum patio covers are durable, low-maintenance, highly function, and most importantly, extremely attractive. The Santa Fe style is very popular in home design, and patio covers that match this style can be installed quickly and affordably, offering value to your property.

Choose Santa Fe Patio Covers for Your Home

Inspired by the southwestern United States, Santa Fe style is taking the nation by storm, with its unique and versatile look, and charming embellishments. The hallmark of this style is a gorgeous open lattice structure that pleases the eye. As a result, a Santa Fe style patio cover can instantly improve the overall aesthetic of your home while also serving all of your unique needs.
There's no need for your next barbecue to be brought indoors because of a drizzly day when you've got a Santa Fe patio cover that is rain tight. The cover can also work to protect you and your loved ones from harmful UV rays. Even on overcast days, the danger of sunburn is always present, so it's best to take all measures to possible keep your skin safe.

santa-fe-patio-cover-1Benefits of Santa Fe Patio Covers

There's a reason why so many homeowners make the decision to install Santa Fe style patio covers. This who do so are able to enjoy a wide range of benefits which include:

  • Superior covering power- Santa Fe patio covers enable homeowners to take advantage of insulated Snap-N-Lock panel covers for superior construction, rain control, and heat resistance.
  • Attractive - Even with Snap-N-Lock panels in place, homeowners will still enjoy the beauty of exposed rafter tails and lattice work.
  • Versatile - It's easy to have a Santa Fe patio cover designed to meet your desires, and active the specific look you're hoping for.
  • Easily convertible - If, in the future, you decide that a screen room enclosure would better match your needs and style, it's very easy to convert your existing Santa Fe patio cover into a functional and attractive screen room for even more indoor and outdoor living space.

Make the most of your time outdoors by enhancing the look and value of your property with Santa Fe style patio covers.

standard-patio-cover-1As a result of being cooped up indoors during the long winter months, many midwesterners do whatever they can to make the most of the warmer seasons throughout the year. As soon as the temperature starts to warm up, most of us are eager to get out and enjoy some fresh air. Whether we're grilling out with our neighbors, or watching our kids swim in the pool, there's no better feeling than being outside. Patio covers can actually make this experience even better, and can add to the value of your home.

Benefits of Patio Covers

When you have a patio cover installed on your home, you will find that you will enjoy your time outdoors even more than ever before. This is because patio covers have many benefits to offer, such as:

  • Weather resistance - Without a covering, rain, or even a light drizzle, can force the party inside. Patio covers are rain-resistant so you can enjoy being outside - rain or shine.
  • UV protection - We all love the sun, but exposure to its rays can be dangerous. Protect your skin with a patio cover.
  • Insulation against heat- Insulated patio covers can deflect some of the heat, making your time outside more comfortable.
  • Shade- Avoid the glare of the sun, and keep the surface of your patio much cooler with a patio cover that offers plentiful shade.
  • Beauty - Patio covers are very attractive and are available in a variety of colors, styles, and designs.
  • Versatility - It's easy to convert a patio cover into a full screen enclosure.


Patio Covers Offer a Long-Lasting Solution for Your Home

Although some individuals may rely on temporary tent structures or awnings to shield them from the sun, these are not a good investment in the long run. It's easy for these units to become tousled or ruined by heavy winds, hail, or rain, and fading from sun exposure will occur after a short while. In order to ensure that you get the most value for your dollar, then, it is in your best interest to invest in a strong, durable patio cover that is constructed of aluminum for longevity. This type of structure will serve you will in the many years to come.

It's easy to see why so many homeowners choose to install patio covers on their home. Find out for yourself how a quality patio cover can enhance your time in the outdoors.


All of us want to get as much fresh air as possible during the late Spring and Summer months. At the same time, we want our homes to be attractive, and reflective of our midwestern values and style. There's no reason that you can't have the best of both worlds. Simplistic and sleek midwest patio covers can make it easier and safer for you to spend time outdoors while still matching with the general style and design of your property.

A Midwest Patio Cover Matches Your Style

Some homeowners are fearful that the installation of a patio cover on their house will detract from the organic look of their property, or that it will clash with their current home design. The beauty of midwest patio covers is that they are simplistic in nature, and are available in various colors so that you can ensure that yours will perfectly fit your lifestyle and tastes.


Benefits of Midwest Patio Covers

You will find that by installing a midwest style patio cover on your home, you'll start reaping the benefits. Some of the many advantages include:

  • Simplicity - The hallmark of a midwest style patio cover is its simplicity. The structure will never overpower your house or detract from your home's beauty, but will actually enhance it.
  • Attractive - Although simplistic in design, midwest style patio covers are also very beautiful and can truly work to add value and curb appeal to your property.
  • Versatility - You may prefer the clean and simple lines of a midwest style patio cover, but you may also want to avoid being too "plain". You're free to play around with the shape of your structure so that it isn't just a one-layered box.
  • Heightened Comfort - Patio covers allow you to enjoy more time outdoors as they provide ample shade, which lowers the temperature on your patio and protects you from UV rays. You can even spend time outside when it is raining, as the weather-resistant cover will protect you from the elements.
  • Energy Savings - Another benefit of the added shade outside of your home is that it can cool your indoor temperatures so that you can turn the thermostat up a few degrees and save money.

Improving your experience on your patio in a way that enables you to stay true to your midwestern style is both easy and affordable when you invest in the installation of a quality cover.